The vision of the Politehnica University of Timişoara is to become a top university by entering the Top 500 World Universities. To achieve this goal, UPT has proposed, among other things, the integration of information technologies in education and the integration of a blended learning education system.

The ID/IFR and e-Learning Center (CeL) has developed the Virtual Campus of UPT, an online educational environment of academic support for all UPT faculties and for distance learning: This platform aims to integrate online learning and mobile learning modules for students from the specializations of academic training through distance learning, as well as academic and administrative support for Master's and PhD's students (blended learning). The Virtual Campus platform supports the current students. The Virtual Campus represents a communication interface between administration, teachers and students and a base for direct interaction between teachers and students.

Developed since 2000 by our specialists, the CeL platform has been constantly modified and improved.

This educational environment is now the UPT Virtual Campus - CVUPT - a system based on Moodle (, an open-source platform, which includes:

  • Academic Management (LMS Learning Management System): interface for managing students, teachers, exams, results, course information
  • Academic learning support (CMS Course management system): online courses, online or electronic laboratory materials, podcasting
  • Communication and web 2.0 tools: forum, blog, wiki, messaging, SMS, etc.

The Virtual Campus offers customized accounts for administration, teachers and students (keeping existing email accounts), customized structure for each specialization and the possibility to introduce course material and / or seminar / laboratory / project in the space attached to the course. Among the advantages of this way of working we can list: online, constant and continuous support, academic and for communication, communication tools, tools for supporting / carrying out / teaching activity, improving the academic activity as well as the involvement and motivation of students.

Support digital education and ID / IFR UPT:

The new system, Support digital education and ID / IFR UPT, is available to teachers, students and candidates online and proposes an automatic answering system to a series of questions asked for each type of scenario frequently encountered, for the 3 categories: academic, technical, admission.

More complex requests for assistance will be assigned to a person in charge of the center, depending on the request to solve the problem. Each user can open a ticket depending on the TOPIC and SUBJECT selected.