Dr. Eng. Badarau Rodica Pneumatic and hydraulic actuations and controls (A)
Fluid Mechanics
Lecturer Olivia Mihaela Bundau Special mathematics
Associate Dr. Eng. Drink Adrian Technologies on Machines with Numerical Controls
Dr. Eng. Mace Dragos Selection of materials
Thermal treatments
Assoc Caruntu Bogdan Linear algebra, analytic and differential geometry
Assist. univ. dr. Constantine Claudia Languages of international circulation 1
Languages of international circulation 2
Dr. Eng. Duma Sebastian Materials Science and Engineering I
Materials Science and Engineering II
Dr. Eng. Hello Adrian Ilie Machine tools
Computer programming and programming languages
Computer aided design
Servomechanisms, translators and sensors
Practice 1
Practice 2
Prof. univ. dr. chem. Duțeanu Narcis Chemistry
Associate Dr. Eng. Fire Anamaria Quality engineering
Industrial welding procedures
Dr. Eng. Sergiu Galatanu Numerical methods
Associate Dr. Eng. Groza Ioan-Vasile Tolerances and dimensional control
Univ. Prof. Dr. Eng. Herisanu Nicolae Mechanics I
Mechanics II
Mechanical vibrations
Prof. Dr. Eng. Elijah Mariana Technical drawing and infographics
Descriptive geometry and technical drawing
Dr. Lect. Ionescu Dan Physical Education 1
Physical Education 2
Physical Education 3
Physical Education 4
Professor Cristian Lăzureanu Linear algebra, analytic and differential geometry
Associate Dr. Eng. Margineanu Dan Organs of machines I
Machine parts II
Dr. Eng. Moldovan Cristian Emil Mechanisms I
Mechanisms II
Dr. Eng. Molnar Richard Istvan Industrial welding procedures
Prof. Dr. Eng. Nicoara Mircea Thermal treatments
Assoc Father Flavius Mathematical analysis
Ş.l.dr. Pater Liana Marketing
Prof. dr. habil. Pop Nicolina Rodica Physics
Associate Dr. Eng. Pop-Călimanu Marius Materials technology 1
Materials technology 2
University assistant Popescu Dan Mathematical analysis
Prof. Dr. Eng. Stupid Gabriela Communication
Associate Dr. Eng. Radu Bogdan Selection of materials
Dr. Eng. Sava Marcela Strength of materials I
Strength of materials II
Associate Dr. Eng. Stan Daniel Voicu Innovation and professional communication
Plastics and manufacturing technologies
Polymer materials processing technologies
Prof. Dr. Eng. Stoian Floriana Thermotechnics I
Thermotechnics II
Dr. Eng. Strauti Gabriela Management
Dr. Eng. Stef Ioan Dorian Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and controls (B)
Construction and Operation of Cutting Tools
Prototyping and rapid manufacturing
Manufacturing technologies and equipment
Practice 1
Practice 2
Dr. Eng. Trif-Tordai Gavrila Thermotechnics I
Thermotechnics II
Associate Dr. Eng. Tulcan Aurel 3D measurement procedures
Technologies of plastic deformation
Associate Dr. Eng. Tulcan Liliana Materials technology 1
Materials technology 2
Associate Dr. Eng. Turkish Cristian Gheorghe The basics of manufacturing processes
Product Manufacturing Technology
Associate Dr. Eng. Timpea Stefan Adrian Technological Devices
Prof. Dr. Eng. Utu Dragos Thermal coatings and reconditioning
Dr. Eng. Vesa Daniela electrotechnics