Politehnica University of Timisoara, through the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center (CeL) organizes and conducts study programs in distance learning or part-time education for specializations:

  • Informatics, in collaboration with the Faculty of Automation and Computers (graduates in computer science - 3 years of study) - distance learning - 100 seats
  • Telecommunication Systems and Technologies, in collaboration with the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies (bachelor's degree - engineers - 4 years of study) - distance learning - 50 seats
  • Communication and Public Relations - in collaboration with the Faculty of Communication Sciences (bachelor's degree - 3 years of study) - distance learning - 75 seats
  • Machine Construction Technologies - in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanics (bachelor's degree - engineers - 4 years of study) - part-time education - 60 seats

The study programs are accredited by ARACIS (CRP provisional authorization in process of accreditation) and confer a similar degree as in the case of full-time studies, a higher bachelor's degree in the form of distance / part-time education ( according to HG_607_2014 )

The courses and teachers, the competencies, the title and the profession are the same as those developed in the curricula in the form of full-time education.

Advantages of conducting distance learning courses:

  • courses conducted online through the UPT Virtual Campus platform (www.cv.upt.ro)
  • online administration of notes and topics / projects
  • 4 meetings in the university, every semester, during the weekends, for each discipline

ID students receive full online support during their studies through Virtual Campus: course material, homework and activities, exam notes, communication and direct interaction.

Those who are fascinated by the world of electronics, telecommunications, software and computer interaction, think logically, "exactly", structured and want to obtain a degree in the field after 3 or 4 years of study, at one of the most prestigious technical universities in the country, but do not have the opportunity to take full-time courses (for example, they are already full-time employees), these study programs fit them perfectly. Obtaining a bachelor's degree is useful for a career in industry. Almost all of our graduates have found jobs in their field of specialization. With a bachelor's degree that is no different from full-time education, our graduates are more likely to advance and earn a higher salary!

You learn while working, through the IDT and IFR and e-Learning Center of UPT!