Specialization in Telecommunications Technologies and Systems, in collaboration with the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies (bachelor's degree - engineers - 4 years of study) - distance learning

Graduates of this specialization will become high-performance and competent specialists with a good basic training in the field of electronics and telecommunications, but also trained in related fields, so as to integrate quickly into the market economy.

Students of the Telecommunications Technologies and Systems specialization will benefit from high level training in current fields on the labor market:

integrated data and voice transmissions

telecommunications networks

online database development

web programming

Electronics and telecommunications engineers can become:


The study programs are accredited* by ARACIS and confer the same degree as in the case of full-time studies, the distance/part-time bachelor's degree (in accordance with HG607 / 2014).

\(CRP provisional authorization pending accreditation)*

Telecommunications Technologies and Systems Fees

By the Decision of the Board of Administration of UPT No. 49/02022, are established as tuition fees in UPT, for the academic year 2022/2023:

Based on GD no. 146/2002 on the formation and use of funds carried out by the state treasury and OMF no. 12352003 for the approval of the methodological norms for the application of GD no. 146 / 31.10.2002, the following are provided:

  • payment of tuition fees can be made by Bank transfer.
  • after making the payment by bank transfer, the payer is obliged to send to the ID / IFR and eLearning Center by email to the address contact@elearning.upt.ro scanned or photographed image of the payment order, so that the name of the payer and the detailed object of the payment can be clearly identified.

Additional information to the persons below or on www.etc.upt.ro :


ETCTI Secretary
Contact person - Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies
0256 403299

Prof.dr.ing. Radu VASIU

Academic manager ETCTI


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