How to organize course resources - video tutorial

How to organize course resources - video tutorial

On the page the course on which you are going to make the changes. Editing mode is activated.

Click on the box with the name of the course.

Activating mode "Turn editing on”By pressing this button.

It is chosen section / topicthe one we want modified. Pressing edition and then on duplicate the resource will be duplicated. Click on the pencil next to anything resource / activity / section to change the name, then press enteritis.

To move a resource between sections, double-click the button in front of the "Move resource" title. A new window opens and the place where it will be moved is chosen. 

To delete the resource click on the text "Edit" next to the resource and choose "Delete". A new window appears where we press the yes / yes button and this resource will disappear.

At the end of the editing session, press the button with the text “Turn editing off”. Editing mode is disabled.


 Page 3: | Confirmation page Contains the course with the new changes