Technologies and Telecommunication Systems  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3  –  an 4

Applied computer science  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Communication and public relations  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Machine Building Technology  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3


Courses Tutors
Basics of processing polymeric materials STAN Daniel Voicu
Basics of assembly processes Dr. MAGDA Aurelian
Physical Education - S1 Lecturer Dr. DAN Ionescu
Physical Education - S2 Lecturer Dr. DAN Ionescu
Fundamentals of Automation Dr. MAGDA Aurelian
Fundamentals of Electrical and Electronics engineering Prof. Dr. Ing. ISAR Dorina
Dr. Dr. MARINCA Bogdan
Measurements Sl dr. Ing. Ec. GROZA Ioan-Vasile
Mechanism Dr. Dr. MOLDOVAN Cristian Emil
Microeconomics Conf. Dr. Ing. TAMASILA Matei
Practice Sl. Dr. Eng. Adrian Ilie Dume
I would. Dr. Ing. Dorian Stef
Strength of materials I Dr. Dr. SAVA Marcela
Strength of materials II Dr. Dr. SAVA Marcela
Materials science II Conf. Dr. Ing. Aurel Raduta
I would. Dr. Ing. Carmen Oprisan
Thermotechnics STOIAN Floriana TRIF-TORDAI Gavrila
Use and Programming of Computers II Sl. Dr. Eng. Adrian Ilie Dume