Technologies and Telecommunication Systems  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3  –  an 4

Applied computer science  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Communication and public relations  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Machine Building Technology  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3 –  an 4

Courses Tutors
Construction and Operation of Cutting Tools Dr. Eng. Stef Ioan Dorian
Technological Devices Associate Dr. Eng. Timpea Stefan Adrian
Servomechanisms, translators and sensors Dr. Eng. Hello Adrian Ilie
Product Manufacturing Technology Associate Dr. Eng. Turkish Cristian Gheorghe
Innovation and professional communication Associate Dr. Eng. Stan Daniel Voicu
Industrial welding procedures Associate Dr. Eng. Fire Anamaria
Dr. Eng. Molnar Richard Istvan
Communication Prof. Dr. Eng. Stupid Gabriela
Technologies on Machines with Numerical Controls Associate Dr. Eng. Drink Adrian
3D measurement procedures Associate Dr. Eng. Tulcan Aurel
Manufacturing technologies and equipment Dr. Eng. Stef Ioan Dorian
Polymer materials processing technologies Associate Dr. Eng. Stan Daniel Voicu