Technologies and Telecommunication Systems  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3  –  an 4

Applied computer science  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Communication and public relations  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Machine Building Technology  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Algebra and GeometryLect. Dr. CADARIU Liviu
Lect. Dr. CARUNTU Bogdan
Mathematical analysisProf. Dr. GOLET Ioan
I would. POPESCU Dan
Electronic and measuring devicesProf. Dr. Ing. JURCA Traian
Dr. Dr. MATIU-IOVAN Liliana
Computer network architectureI would. Mr. VESA Andy
DatabaseSl. Dr. Eng. TERNAUCIUC Andrei
Electromagnetic Fields and WavesAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ing. IRIMIA Dumitru
Electrical CircuitsAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ing. IRIMIA Dumitru
Fundamental electronic circuitsProf. Dr. Ing. GONTEAN Aurel
Analog integrated circuitsProf. Dr. Ing. ISAR Dorina
Dr. Dr. MARINCA Bogdan
Digital integrated circuitsProf. Dr. Ing. GONTEAN Aurel
Electromagnetic IFTODE Cora
Audio-video compression - TST IDSl. Dr. Ing. MOCOFAN Mugur
Prof. Dr. Ing. VASIU Radu
CommunicationProf. Dr. Ing. PROSTEAN Gabriela
Data communicationsI would. Mr. VESA Andy
Culture and civilizationI would. POPESCU Diana
Electrical and optoelectric devicesSl. Dr. Ing. MOCOFAN Mugur
Electronic Interface EquipmentProf. Dr. Ing. ISAR Dorina
I would. Eng. POPESCU Sorin
Power Electronics - IDProf. Dr. Ing. LASCU Dan
Fundamentals of Mechanical EngineeringDr. Dr. MOLDOVAN Cristian Emil
Virtual instrumentationConf. Dr. Ing. LASCU Mihaela
LicenseSl. Dr. Ing. ERMALAI Iasmina
English languageAssist. Dr. CONSTANTIN Claudia
English 2Assist. Dr. CONSTANTIN Claudia
Management and marketingProf. Dr. Ing. PROSTEAN Gabriela
Electrical and electronic measurementsProf. Dr. Ing. JURCA Traian
Dr. Dr. MATIU-IOVAN Liliana
Computer-assisted mathematicsConf. Dr. NEGREA Romeo
Special MathematicsLect. Dr. CADARIU Liviu
Lect. Dr. CARUNTU Bogdan
Materials, Components and Electronic TechnologyConf. Dr. Ing. POPOVICI Adrian
MicroeconomicsConf. Dr. Ing. TAMASILA Matei
Modeling and simulationSl. Dr. Ing. ERMALAI Iasmina
Practice TST3Prof. Dr. Ing. VASIU Radu
Sl. Dr. Eng. Ternauciuc Andrei
Signal ProcessingConf. Dr. Ing. BUDURA Georgeta
Audio-video productionSl. Dr. Ing. MOCOFAN Mugur
Object-oriented programmingSl. Dr. Ing. MOCOFAN Mugur
Computer programmingSl. Dr. Ing. ALBU Adriana
Multimedia Project (Development)I would. Dr. Ing. ERMALAI Iasmina
Software projectSl. Dr. Eng. Ternauciuc Andrei
Multimedia projectSl. Dr. Ing. ONITA Mihai
Computer Aided DesignSl. Dr. Ing. ONITA Mihai
RadiocommunicationsProf. Dr. Ing. ALEXA Florin
Network securityProf. Dr. Ing. ISAR Alexandru
Sl. Dr. Ing. KOVACI Maria
Signals and SystemsConf. Dr. Ing. BUDURA Georgeta
Data acquisition systemsSl. Dr. Ing. PAZSITKA Robert
Digital switching systemsSl. Dr. Ing. BALINT Cornel
Microprocessor numerical processing systemsI would. Dr. Ing. GAL Norbert
Television systemsProf. Dr. Ing. OTESTEANU Marius POPA Daniel
Software for electronics and telecommunicationsProf. Dr. Ing. GONTEAN Aurel
High frequency techniqueSl. Dr. Ing. VARTOSU Adrian
Modern telecommunications techniquesSl. Dr. Ing. BALINT Cornel
Multimedia TechnologiesDr. Ing. ANDONE Diana
Sl. Dr. Ing. ERMALAI Iasmina
Web 2.0 technologiesDr. Ing. ANDONE Diana
Information and coding theoryProf. Dr. Ing. MIHAESCU Adrian
Testing of electronic and telecommunications equipmentSl. Dr. Ing. MOCOFAN Mugur
Prof. Dr. Ing. VASIU Radu
Telephone transmissionsProf. Dr. Ing. OTESTEANU Marius POPA Daniel
Using ComputersSl. Dr. Ing. STANCIU Loredana-Mihaela