Technologies and Telecommunication Systems  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3  –  an 4

Applied computer science  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Communication and public relations  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Machine Building Technology  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3  –  an 4

Algebra and geometryLect. Dr. CADARIU Liviu
Lect. Dr. CARUNTU Bogdan
Mathematical analysisAssoc. Dr. Mat. Flaviu Pater
I would. univ. POPESCU Dan
Computer architectureSl. Dr. Ing. STANCIU Antonius
I would. ZIMBRU Cristian-Grigore
Computer aided mathematics

I would. Dr. Eng. Raul - Cristian Roman

Lecturer Dr. Eng. Alexandra Szedlak-Stînean

Fundamentals of ComputersConf. Dr. Ing. DRAGAN Florin
I would. Ing. VOISAN Emil
Introduction to Computer ProgrammingSl. Dr. Ing. ALBU Adriana
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. STANCIU Loredana-Mihaela
I would. ZIMBRU Cristian-Grigore
English languageAssist. Dr. CONSTANTIN Claudia
English 2 (Informatics)Assist. Dr. CONSTANTIN Claudia
Discrete logic and structuresProf. Dr. Ing. CRISAN Marius
Sl. Dr. Ing. STANCIU Antonius
I would. ZIMBRU Cristian-Grigore
Special mathematics (Probabilities and statistics)

I would. POPESCU Dan

Assoc. Dr. Mat. Flavius Pater

MicroeconomicsLect. univ. Dr. Alin Artene
Data structures and algorithmsConf. Dr. Ing. CHIRILA Ciprian-Bogdan
Lecturer Dr. Ing. VIDA Mihaela Marcella
Programming techniquesLecturer Dr. MIOC Mirella
Communication Professor Gabriela PROSTEAN
Physical education 2Lect. univ. Dr. Dan Ionescu