Technologies and Telecommunication Systems  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3  –  an 4

Applied computer science  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Communication and public relations  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3

Machine Building Technology  |  an 1  –  an 2  –  an 3  –  an 4

Courses Tutors
Network administration I would. drd. Eng. Nicola Stelian
Lecturer Dr. Eng. Oana Chirila
Communication Prof. Dr. Ing. PROSTEAN Gabriela
AC license work guide Lecturer Dr. Eng. GAL Norbert
Formal Languages and Compilation Techniques Lecturer Dr. ISTIN CodrutaConf. dr. univ. Darian Onchis
Environments and Programming Technologies Sl. Dr. Ing. BERIAN Dorin
Lecturer Dr. Ing. VIDA Mihaela Marcella
Web application development Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Iosif SzeidertȘ.l. Dr. Vasar Cristian
Multimedia application programming Lecturer Dr. Eng. GAL NorbertAs. drd. Eng. Stelian Nicola
Syncretic Project I would. Ing. CAUS Oana
Designing Applications on Reconfigurable Platforms Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. PRODAN Lucian
Database design. Lecturer dr. ing ISTIN CodrutaConf. Dr. Darian Onchis
User Interfaces and Graphics Design Prof. Dr. Eng. STOICU-TIVADAR Lacramioara
Sl Dr. Ing. VIDA Mihaela Marcella
Embedded Systems Prof. Dr. Eng. BOGDAN RazvanS.l. Dr. Eng. VIDA Mihaela Marcella