#impreunaonline webinar: A year of pandemic education - the experience of universities

#impreunaonline webinar: A year of pandemic education - the experience of universities

#onlinetogether #impreunaonline

In these times of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, just like in other countries, face-to-face educational functions and activities are being moved online, using apps, platforms and various tools for distance education.

In the Online together webinars , we respond to these challenges, in the most practical way possible, in the spirit of open education and free access to knowledge. Participants received an Open Badge (Open digital certificate) - Online together.

#27 edition of the webinar series Online Together a brought to the screens the teachers from the universities, who shared with us the experiences of transposing the teaching online, from the tools and technologies used to the activities and projects carried out with the students in the class in the last year - a year of education during the pandemic.

Today's presenters - professors from the Polytechnic University of Timișoara with teaching activities in various fields of specialization, shared with the participants various methods used during this period, from adapting the courses from the classic model to online, the tools used, the interactive activities made and effective to keep students' attention online, but also the innovative working methods used to examine the most effective their open educational resources and many more components of their own application experience.

How were the online courses conducted and what tools were used?

How did you work with students to transfer knowledge and build skills in an attractive and interesting way online?

What projects and activities were carried out with the students and what assessment methods were used?

Teachers from the faculties of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Communication Sciences, Production Management and Transport and Engineering in Hunedoara they discussed the experiences of a year of pandemic education and have exposed various practical and personal examples, with their own confessions on both positive experiences, as well as those negatively greeted online - at by communication, management, up to dthe man of experimental sciences, or engineering, with many questions and curiosities from the participants, but also messages of thanks and appreciation for the methods presented.

Topics covered in the presentations include: interaction components used, synchronous and asynchronous working methods and tools, examination scenarios, and a series of statistics on the student experience, with a range of open educational resources provided.

Hundreds of people were present on the Zoom platform, as well as on the Facebook pages and YouTube channel, where the event was broadcast live.

From the perspective of the teachers present, following the experience of the last academic year, most students can receive online or hybrid education openly, taking into account responsibility, support, involvement and collaboration of all actors in the educational process, and this period also brings benefits - the use of technology in education and in the future adaptation-development-innovation.

Continuous support dedicated to students and dvarious creative and effective projects and activities maintaining the passion for education, their involvement and guidance throughout the educational process are essential in the training of generations of specialists and with transferable skills for the labor market.

Together online webinars are organized in collaboration with IEEE Romania, Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities, EDEN Association and The Politehnica University of Timișoara, every week with guests from other universities and schools in Romania.

View the event log below:


Conf.dr.ing. Mihai Medeleanu

Mihai Aurel MEDELEANU is a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, specialization in Organic Compounds Technology, class of 1984. IECB - Timișoara branch. Since 1989 he has been a teacher at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, UPT, where he obtained the degree of associate professor. Among the subjects taught are: organic chemistry, spectroscopic methods of analysis, reaction mechanisms, chemical reactivity and biological activity, computational chemistry, chemical modeling.

Conf.dr.ing. Cornelia Muntean

Cornelia Muntean is a graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, class of 1991. Until 1997 she was a scientific researcher at the National Research-Development Institute for Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter and an associate professor at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering. In the period 1997-2002 he was assistant professor. at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, and from 2002 to 2018 he will hold the rank of head of works. Since 2018 he is an associate professor and since October 2020 he is the vice dean of the faculty.

Conf.dr.Victoria-Larisa Ivașcu

Victoria-Larisa Ivașcu is the director of the Engineering and Management Research Center within UPT and the head of the UPT entrepreneurship office. Since February 2020 and until now he has held the position of associate professor at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, the main disciplines taught being Sustainability and risk, Sustainable development applied in logistics systems and Marketing. She is the author of over 170 scientific papers and 7 books that address topics such as Management and Marketing.

Lect. Dr. Annamaria Kilyeni

Annamaria Kilyeni is Lect. PhD in the Department of Communication and Foreign Languages of Polithenica University Timișoara, the subjects taught being Introduction to Terminology (English), Specialized Vocabulary (English), Terminological Applications (English), Specialized Languages (English), Communicative Grammar (English). He is the Board Director for Translation - Interpretation, Member of the DCLS Council & FSC Council and Coordinator of the Commission for Evaluation and Quality Assurance at FSC level, in the country and abroad. Published approx. 40 scientific articles in journals and 5 specialized books (3 sole author, 2 co-author) and is a member of various national and international grants / projects for research and institutional development.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Dragomir Gabriel Mugurel

Dragomir Gabriel Mugurel - graduate of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Faculty of Mechanics in 1993 and the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, specialization Sociology works in the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Department of Teacher Training, having the position of associate professor. He is the holder of several courses: Student class management, Sociology of education, Sociology of public opinion, Research methods in social sciences, Public relations campaigns.

Conf.dr.ing. Sorin-Aurel Rațiu

Sorin-Aurel Rațiu is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara (Technical University of Timișoara at that time), specializing in Thermal Machinery and Equipment, class of 1994. From 1995 until now he is a university teacher at the Faculty of Engineering in Hunedoara . He is an associate professor and vice dean of the faculty. The subjects taught and the research topics fall into the fields: Internal combustion engines, numerical simulation of heat transfer processes, improving the intake of internal combustion engines, the use of new materials in the automotive industry.