Distinction: the founder of CVUPT, s.l.dr.eng. Andrei Ternauciuc - the "Excellence in Digitization" award at the 2022 UPT Excellence Awards Gala

Distinction: the founder of CVUPT, s.l.dr.eng. Andrei Ternauciuc - the "Excellence in Digitization" award at the 2022 UPT Excellence Awards Gala

Award "Excellence in Digitization" was awarded to the founder of the design and development team UPT Virtual Campus, s.l.dr.eng. Andrei Ternauciuc, member of the ID/IFR and e-Learning Center team and teaching staff at the Politehnica University of Timișoara, for the efforts made throughout the year, in the digitization and digital support activity, but also for innovative contributions in digital education.

The distinction was awarded Thursday, December 15 2022, by Vice-chancellor Politehnica University of Timisoara - Liviu Ioan Cădariu-Brăiloiu, in the the UPT Excellence Awards Gala 2022.

The factors on the basis of which the distinction was awarded were professional development, innovation and performance in the activities performed, who have provided an innovative, inventive and/or important contribution to a local chapter of Politehnica University of Timisoara.

" Returning to Digitization, tonight we are going to award a man of great modesty. He is that young man who has helped us over time to use everything that the Virtual Campus platform means. Without further ado, he wants me to invite him here and let's congratulate Mr. Andrei Ternauciuc in your applause."

 it was part of the speech given by the vice-rector of UPT in announcing the award.

"In the digital world we live in, each of us has multiple identities. I wish to speak to you tonight from two perspectives. First, as the unseen face behind the screen, on behalf of the CVUPT team, as we all sign off. I have some colleagues behind me, invisible at the moment. We are the ones who answer your questions when you need support.

On behalf of this team, I want, first of all, to thank the management of UPT for the trust and courage with which they put the students, teachers and the learning process in our hands. 

Also, from the perspective of the person in front of the computer, I want to thank Professor Radu Vasiu, who coordinated my doctoral research and put me on this path of educational technology studies. Also, to the e-Learning Center, led by the director, Diana Andone, to all the colleagues in these research groups. 

Last but not least, I want to thank the family for their patience with the sound of keys in the middle of the night."

were the words of Dr. Eng. Andrei Ternauciuc at the awarding of the "Excellence in Digitization" award.

About the UPT Excellence Awards Gala 2022

In the first century of its existence, the Timisoara Polytechnic has abundantly proven the defining role it had in the modern development of the city, the region and even the country, through its graduates, through the schools created here by teachers who, with dedication and professionalism, have inoculated to entire generations of students that spirit that King Ferdinand spoke of 100 years ago and a true cult of excellence, which continues today within the walls of the School. "Polytechnic of the new century", as it is today, one of the higher education institutions recognized nationally and internationally for the high level of education and research, would not be here without the recognition and support always given to excellence in teaching, research, in sport, culture or in the development of the relationship with the economic environment.

And this year, the Politehnica University of Timișoara reconfirmed that it supports and recognizes the true values, rewarding the efforts made, by organizing an event that honors the entire academic community - the UPT Excellence Awards Gala 2022.

Andrei Ternauciuc

Dr. Eng. Andrei Ternauciuc obtained his doctorate in 2011 for research in the field of educational web platforms, eLearning technologies being among his basic professional interests, along with modern internet technologies. He participated as a member of the research and development teams in a series of national and international projects, with partners from academia and industry. He contributed significantly to the development of multiple online educational applications used with UPT students and from Europe, such as the UniCampus platform that hosts courses and learning activities for 5 international projects. He is also a founding member of the design and development team of the UPT Virtual Campus, the e-Learning platform of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara. In his capacity as the main administrator of CVUPT, he ensures the 24/7 operation as well as the support of students and teaching staff. By solving problems and identifying the needs of digital education, plan the future developments of the multiple tools integrated in the Virtual Campus and Unicampus. It is well known the promptness and availability that he demonstrates, as well as the patience with which he reveals the secrets of the Campus to anyone who needs it.

Watch the recording of the award presentation during the 2022 UPT Excellence Awards Gala: