Professors & Guests

Rune Andersen

Prof. Rune Andersen: University of Agder, Head of Program for Academic Esports at the department of ICT RO: Rune Andersen is the director of the Academic e-Sports Program at the ICT department of the University of Agder, Norway. His research focuses on e-Sports in academia, games and didactic games, as well as multimedia and e-learning. Work […]

Razvan Boldis

Razvan Boldis: Entrepreneur, 40 years old. I have been developing this Augmented Reality solution for over 7 years. Over the years, I have accumulated experience in project management, product development, and sales. The project benefited from funding of approximately EUR 250,000 from European funds, including Horizon 2020.

Razvan Hoinaru

Răzvan Hoinaru is an economist by education and a historian by vocation. Educated at Sheffield, KU Leuven and University London, he worked for the European Parliament's IFRS Standing Team where he translated economic technical language into public policy and vice versa to enable the best outcomes for all. From an academic perspective, Răzvan taught two modules [...]

Raquel Barreira

Dr. Raquel Barreira, Polytechnical Institute of Setubal, Portugal

Radu-Dorian Stamatoiu

Dr. Radu-Dorian Stamatoiu, PhD student, Politehnica University Timișoara, Romania

Rita Butkienė

Rita Butkienė, assoc. professor at the Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics (KTU). Her research area - information system engineering, ontologies, semantic technologies, and databases. She is also representing the research group - Semantics and Knowledge-Based Engineering of Information Systems. During the period 2012-2019, she was the head of the Department of Information Systems, from 2019 until now […]

Ralf Brüning

Fachhochschule des Mittelstands - FHM Fachhochschule des Mittelstands - FHM Dr. Ralf Brüning has German Citizenship, and since 2013, after numerous professional experiences, his career is focused on Professorship in economic sciences, manly Marketing Management, Market Research and Entrepreneurship, at the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM), University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany. Dr. Brüning has numerous […]

Roland Szabo

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Roland Szabo is an IEEE & RAS Member, EPS Advisor IEEE Student Chapter at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara

Răzvan Bogdan

Ș.l.dr.ing. Răzvan Bogdan, Faculty of Automatics and Computers, Polytechnic University of Timișoara

Riina Vuorikari

En: Dr. Riina Vuorikari, Researcher, European Commission Human Capital and Employment (Unit B4) JRC Science Hub Given the current focus on citizens interacting with AI systems, Dr. Vuorikari's work focuses on developing a better understanding of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that citizens should have […]

Răzvan Bogdan

As.dr.ing. Răzvan Bogdan - Polytechnic University of Timișoara

Petrișoara duck

Rață Petrișoara is a first year master student at the Master of Multimedia Technologies at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara. She was involved in solving student problems throughout the faculty, being an active member of the League of Students of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications and also a member of the Leading Office of the league for two years. At the moment […]

Radu Ticiu

Radu Ticiu is an old supporter of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the tech field in Timișoara. Since 2004, he contributes to the development of communities as a manager of business incubators, cowork spaces, founder of NGOs in the IT sector. In order to support an organic growth of this community, he assumed the role of organizer of some meetings […]

Radu Vasiu

Ro: Prof.univ.dr.ing. Radu Vasiu is the President of the Senate of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and the Director of the Multimedia Research Center. He is also a professor at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara. His recent research focuses on e-learning, multimedia, web technologies, open data and smart cities. He has published 12 books and […]


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The ID / IFR and e-Learning Center (CeL) was established in 1998, as an integral part of the Polytechnic University of Timişoara (UPT).
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