Transfer from campus to online education (CVUPT Training 2 - video + text)

Transfer from campus to online education (CVUPT Training 2 - video + text)

Ways to transfer from campus to online:

1. Education plan - actions

The results of education (learning outcomes) - What do you intend for students to learn, to experiment, to acquire at the end of the semester - in 1 month?
  • Create a CVUPT page with them at the beginning of the course
  • They can be from Syllabus, Skills
In-campus experience (classroom / laboratory / seminar) - What do you normally use your on-campus experience for?


  • Try to define what you do in class at a higher, more goal-oriented level (e.g., content presentation, comprehension verification, collaborative project work - instead of just saying "testing", "discussion")
  • Make an inventory of what you are doing and what you plan to do in the coming weeks
Materials course / laboratory / project - the materials already exist in digital format
  • Integrate them in CVUPT (PDF, web pages with images, videos, links)
  • Create areas that can be - knowledge categories / weeks / chapters
  • Check documents, videos, problem sets, tests, and more.
  • Use Open Online Educational Resources (OER), online courses (MOOCs), and more
  • Collaborate with colleagues in Romania and abroad
Activities - What activities do you do on campus?
  • Consider how students will be able to practice the key skills and goals you want them to have - things they would normally do on-campus
  • Activities - projects, reflection, writing blog posts, Wiki, reports, presentations, making educational resources, etc.
Feedback - How will you provide feedback on their progress, what were you doing on-campus?
  • Write messages in the Forum or individually (every 2 days, when needed)
communication - How will you communicate?
  • Consider two-way communication

2. Synchronous - asynchronous

Asynchronous:  tutors prepare course materials for students before their access

Students can access the course materials at their choice and will interact with each other for a longer period of time.
  • Integrate activities, materials in the CV
  • Communicate with students
synchronously: tutors and students meet at the same time and interact in "real time" with a very short or "real time" exchange between instructor and students
  • By video conference, chat:, MS Teams, Cisco Webedx, Skype
  • Save the record and make it available
  • Embed this video in a page in your CV

3. Online tools and methods

  • Open UPT
  • Specific tools
  • Resources from associations
  • MOOC
  • OER