UPT continues its activity in the online environment through CVUPT, offering resources to both students and teachers

UPT continues its activity in the online environment through CVUPT, offering resources to both students and teachers

The Politehnica University of Timișoara, through the UPT Virtual Campus continues to provide quality education even in the current crisis situation.  Both students and teachers have all the resources to access and continue to provide education at the highest level of quality, e-Learning Center team provides ongoing support to teachers through a number of webinars (online seminars) for training in the use of the most modern online teaching resources.


The students of the Politehnica University of Timișoara, as well as the teachers have at their disposal both video tutorial use of the Virtual Campus (CVUPT), other online resources and tools, as well as open educational resources, to ensure the continuity of the quality of the teaching process exclusively online. Now I am over 25,000 users in CVUPT, the amount of information for those over 2850 courses from the Bachelor and Master is 45 times more than the last two weeks, and the activity has grown exponentially reaching 180.000 per day, with over 25,000 emails and notifications per day.

In addition, in order to ensure continuous support in online education, the e-Learning Center team holds daily webinars (online seminars) dedicated to UPT teachers. The series of 7 webinars held so far was attended daily by between 160 - 280 teachers, but they are online both in CVUPT and on video platforms and on the site elearning.upt.ro.

These webinars are available online, freely and are also accessed by teachers from other universities, UPT thus contributing to the support of the Romanian educational environment during this period.


These were supported by Dr. Diana Andone, Director of CeL and addressed topics such as the use of the UPT Virtual Campus and how to integrate platform courses, resources and free online and videoconferencing courses in CVUPT and Zoom, practical examples of teaching and examine students online, through CVUPT or ways to integrate Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) into courses. Each online session was provided with a question and answer section, and on March 23, the session benefited from direct interaction with Assoc. Florin Dragan, Rector of UPT.

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Students continuously involved in the development of online activity

A series of tutorials on the use of the UPT Virtual Campus but also of other online tools, very useful and accessed during this period, were made in the last year in collaboration with students from the Master of Multimedia Technologies program. Students are continuously involved in the development and continuous support of the online activity, through a close online communication but also through the support provided to colleagues from younger years.

UPT online by integrating in education the open educational resources OER and MOOC

The vision of the Polytechnic University of Timişoara is to become a top university by entering the Top 500 World Universities. To achieve this goal, UPT has proposed, among other things, the integration of information technologies in education and open educational resources OER and MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) in the teaching process. During the last 7 years, the e-Learning Center has organized, annually, a series of workshops with a theme centered around open educational resources. They have been organized since 2014 and until now, during the Open Education Week, in collaboration with the association EDEN (European Distance and E-Learning Network).

Both teachers and students have access to the papers presented in the workshops, the recording of OEW editions and a variety of open educational resources, presented by hundreds of international speakers during the 7 years of Open Education Workshop, which can be integrated into the online learning process.