ID / IFR graduation ceremony - PROMOTION 2021 in HYBRID format: live emotions from the Auditorium and online, from all over the world

ID / IFR graduation ceremony - PROMOTION 2021 in HYBRID format: live emotions from the Auditorium and online, from all over the world

Graduates of ID (distance learning) and IFR (part-time education) courses met for one last festive occasion - Graduation ceremony of the 2021 promotion. The event was organized by the ID / IFR and eLearning Center of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and brought together both graduates and teachers from all four specializations in ID / IFR.

If last year, graduates were able to celebrate the completion of studies only virtually, this year, for the first time, ID / IFR graduation ceremony took place in the format hybrid. A large part of graduates, teachers and academics were able to enjoy the emotions of a physical meeting in the Auditorium, after more than a year and a half of meetings exclusively online.

Along with them, they participated virtually, but equally active and excited, their colleagues living in localities and countries far from Timisoara, connected to the event through the Zoom platform.

The family and relatives of the graduates were able to watch the entire Ceremony in real time, the event being broadcast LIVE on the account of Facebook  and the channel YouTube of the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center.

The ceremony began with the word welcome addressed by the event host - Dr. Diana Andone - the director of the IDT / IFR and e-Learning Center UPT, followed by the singing of the traditional Gaudeamus - both by those in the room and by those connected online.

"I am very happy that we can start the series of festive courses in a state of quasi-normality (…)

I dare say that you, who graduated today, three or four years ago, as the case may be, when you became our students, had a plan. Maybe you were much more motivated than the students of the day. I hope your plans continue, I hope that today will not be an end in your career and I think it could be a new beginning. (..)

Thank you and congratulations once again!", He addressed the graduates.

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The welcome speech from the management of the Polytechnic University was given by Prof. Dr. Eng. Liviu Cadariu - Brăiloiu - vice-rector of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and, at the same time, a teacher for ID and IFR students.
A special guest at the opening of the ID / IFR Graduation Ceremony was Victor Holotescu - a exceptional graduate in Computer Science ID, class of 2016 who was with the online audience to share about the benefits that distance learning has brought to his life.

"First of all, I want to congratulate you for finishing your university studies in distance education (…) I entered college immediately after finishing high school, being the only one who reached a distance section, and initially I wanted to move in with my colleagues high school, up to date. During my college years I also met former colleagues who told me how difficult it is and how stressed they are with the subjects. While I started working, I participated in student competitions, where I also won many awards and thus I managed to better specialize with the requirements of the industry and also to be one step ahead of my colleagues, at the end studies. (…) I wish you continued success in your current career, in a new career or with a master's degree and even a doctoral degree.", Victor sent both to the gym and to those connected online.

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Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies

Specialization in Telecommunications Technologies and Systems - ID

"I can only say that I am glad that about 25 years ago we tried to enter this adventure of distance education, being practically the first university in Romania that started some study programs in the technical field, through distance education. (..) As you can see, in the end, you have made a style of study that will probably be generalized in one form or another. What has happened in the last two years of the pandemic has only strengthened the fact that modern educational technologies can be used successfully, if they are used properly. (…)

We are aware that it has not been easy for you, during this 4 or 3 years, especially since you have worked and had families. Most of you are, in fact, to a large extent, at an age when you had children with them, they had other responsibilities and they had to somehow combine these qualities. But, maybe, you have proved that it is possible and we are happy and congratulate you for this", Congratulated Prof. Vasiu on the distance graduates

See the complete speech of Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu Vasiu here

He spoke first from the ETCTI faculty Prof. Dr. Eng. Radu Vasiu, President of the Senate of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, academic manager for the specialization of ID Telecommunications Technologies and Systems and, at the same time, promoter of distance learning in UPT.
Dean of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies - prof. Dr. Eng. Dan Lascu he then spoke to the graduates about their impact among teachers

"I confess to you that this ceremony is the most beautiful of the ceremonies of our graduates, from which, we here from the day courses, both - teachers and students - should learn. (…) At every moment of balance I sit and wonder what we have learned, as teachers, from every generation that is preparing to leave school. And, always, for distance learning, what I have left are some features. Namely: tenacity, perseverance, determination and, especially, maturity."- Prof. Lascu confessed to the graduates.

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"I am grateful, and I can say this on behalf of my colleagues, for the opportunity offered by the Polytechnic University of Timisoara to study at a distance.

For us, with families, for those who have left the country or for those who have to work, I can say that this option was a real help.. (…), Explained this during the Ceremony.

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The representative appointed by the graduates of the specialization TST ID - Jurj Lidia he conveyed a few thoughts to those in the audience, virtually

Faculty of Computer Science

Specialization Informatics ID

He spoke on behalf of the Faculty of Automation and Computers Prof. Dr. Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar, the one who 26 years ago it made distance education possible for Computer Science specialization. She also sent them the thoughts and congratulations of the dean of the faculty - Prof. Dr. Marius Marcu.

 "I am glad that Diana and her team still have the energy to organize such a ceremony, at which we always feel good. (…)

We always have to find the balance in what we do. You have found the balance - between school, family, the desire to be better, you had the courage to step into the university world from the world of industry, from homes, from families, to fight with everything around you and to graduate. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart for this and you are an example to those around you”, Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar sent to the graduates.

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"Here we are at the end. It is the moment when maybe some of us say goodbye, others maybe they will continue their studies further. Looking back, these three years seemed to pass too quickly. During this study time, we worked with our teachers (…) Your goal, dear teachers, was to give us the opportunity to discover new things, which will be used in the following activity, to help us understand when it was incomprehensible to have patience with us, when perhaps someone else would have lost his temper. Our goal was not to change direction, to stay focused, to learn as much as possible from what you have tried to teach us.", Were his words.

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Tapai George Pamfil - graduate in Computer Science ID appointed by the 2021 promotion, he then took the floor in the Auditorium

Faculty of Communication Sciences

Specialization Communication and Public Relations ID

Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences - prof. Univ. dr. Daniel Dejica - Cartis greeted the audience in the Auditorium

"I am glad to be here today, in such an emotional and vibrant atmosphere. There are two representative halls of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara: the Senate Hall in Lloyd's Palace - a traditional, classical image - the image of the first century of our university's existence - and this maximum Auditorium - the image of the new century of the Polytechnic. There are halls in which, over the years, presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors, consuls, geniuses, specialists in their field of activity have stepped in and, here, today, you - the graduates of this year's promotion. I congratulate you for this, I wish you much success in your future activities, I congratulate our colleagues from the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center, who have had this vision for more than 25 years, to develop this type of education which today is in fact a landmark of education, which is no better than up-to-date education", He said.

See the full speech of Daniel Dejica - Cartis here

"Being a graduation ceremony, the flashes, the photos, the cameras and, more recently, these online broadcasts set the tone. But, paraphrasing the philosopher Constantin Noica (..) he said that some of the interpersonal relationships will not be able to be caught in these televised recordings - those relationships of friendship, of love that I think were built between you, as of students, between you and the teachers. We hope that these unseen threads will be carried away by you to the places where you came from and, as King Ferdinand said, carry on the spirit of the University.", Were the thoughts transmitted by Mugur Dragomir.

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Academic head for Communication and Public Relations ID - associate professor Dr. Mugur Dragomir he was among the members of the Auditorium presidium and greeted the participants with a message
Luca Oana - graduate from Communication and Public Relations ID she was the one appointed by her colleagues to convey to the audience the thoughts of the recent graduates

"I would like to say a few words about the day I went to college again. That day, the only quote that was on my mind was The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, but the second best time is today. With these thoughts I went, I signed up and today the alarm rang for the last time to wake me up for collegeShe remembered.

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Faculty of Mechanics

Specialization of IFR Machine Construction technology

"From the management of the Faculty of Mechanics we have a beautiful message: congratulations for your involvement in the whole IFR education process at TCM (…) You are a beautiful generation. I'm proud to be in such a large number. I hope you learned something beautiful in those four years. I had a year and a half in the pandemic, many hours online, many projects worked online, in addition to the busy schedule from Saturday to Sunday. My congratulations are endless!", He told the graduates.

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Lecturer dr. eng. Adrian Dume - academic head of IFR Machine Construction Technology congratulated the graduates both on his behalf and on behalf of the management of the Faculty of Mechanics
Graduate designated by the generation TCM IFR 2021 was Boroș Timeea

"Today I feel a sense of calm, but also a feeling of sadness. The calm comes from the fact that today we celebrate the completion of the four years of work, but with results, at least so far, of success. We have all taken a very important step towards fulfilling the vision and goals necessary for a beautiful life that we all want. And the feeling of sadness comes from the fact that these four years seem to have passed too quickly. (..) I want to wish you much success in everything you do, head up and, last but not least, trust that everything will be fine", She wished her graduate colleagues.

See Timea Boroș's full speech here

Among those who sent congratulations and virtual messages to graduates from a distance and low frequency were members of the CeL team, both the technical team and the administrative team.

"Through you you make us feel the reality. Bring reality to the university. We feel better what the needs are, what you need to learn from us. And I am very happy about this, we have very good collaborations. Licensing projects often try to solve your problems at work. There are things that help me develop professionally", He confessed.

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Prof. Dr. Eng. Muguraș Mocofan - member of the CeL team and at the same time a teacher for the students from TST ID sent a message from the Auditorium
The final message to the graduates came from CeL director Dr. Eng. Diana Andone, also a teacher in the specialization of TST - ID and promoter of distance learning

"For my part, personally, I can say that I am very proud of you because you resisted. The words that come to my mind most often are resilience and trust. You had first of all resilience, that is, the desire to be able to overcome, because, despite the fact that you have next to you family, most of you, work, some of you, children. Always, in pre-pandemic conditions, this room was full of children flying around here. (…). You have this resilience because most of you are not even within a radius of 60 kilometers, as is usually practiced around Timisoara. You come from all over Romania, from Europe and from other continents. Who come with pleasure, determination, confidence to pursue their studies. (…) I wish you much success, I hope to see you again at the graduates' meetings!", Concluded Dr. Diana Andone.

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The graduates of the four ID / IFR specializations then heard for the last time the name called in the student formula, being then called on stage to receive the diplomas awarded by the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center. These have a commemorative value and were handed over by the academic leaders of each specialization, in the presence of those who participated in the online Ceremony.

Then followed the highlight of the event - throwing the holsters into the air by the graduates of the four ID / IFR specializations, followed by the singing of the anthem of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and official group photo for the 2021 promotion - both with those present in the hall and with those present virtually.

Watch the registration of the ID / IFR Graduation Ceremony - PROMOTION 2021 below: