ID / IFR graduation ceremony - PROMOTION 2020 - Online

They sang "Gaudeamus", relived memories from their student years and said goodbye to colleagues and teachers. Dozens of ID / IFR graduates participated in the ID / IFR Graduation Ceremony - 2020 promotion. The event took place online and was organized by the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center, being broadcast live on CeL's Facebook page.

Online emotions for graduates of specializations with distance and part-time courses. They participated on Saturday, July 4, in the ID / IFR Graduation Ceremony - Promotion 2020. The event, organized online, began with the singing of the traditional "Gaudeamus", followed by a material prepared by the CeL team

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In previous years, the Graduation Ceremony involved an emotional meeting in the Auditorium between graduates and teachers, with family and friends. As this year the real meeting was not possible, Dr. Diana Andone prepared a video for the graduates, filmed from the Auditorium of the UPT Conference Center, trying to simulate the emotions and atmosphere of one of the most special moments in student life. - Graduation ceremony.

"The graduation ceremony organized by the e-Learning Center each year involved that from this desk, the best students and graduates to speak, along with the deans and academic coordinators from each of the specializations in distance education and in part-time education (…) We are very sorry that we cannot be here together. But I am convinced that your emotions and our emotions, that of all, in this special moment of graduation will also be felt online and we hope you have had beautiful, positive memories and a desire for life at the end ofn ”, he transmitted to them Dr. Diana Andone, director of the Graduate e-Learning Center.

UPT 100

This year's graduation ceremony was a special event, especially since the 2020 promotion had the opportunity to be graduates in the year in which the Polytechnic University of Timișoara celebrates 100 years of university education in Timișoara, Politehnica 100, the first 100 years of existence of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, also celebrating the coherent and innovative development of online education in the university. On this occasion, Assoc. dr. eng. Florin Dragan, rector of UPT and at the same time a teacher of ID students prepared for the graduates an interesting video material on the evolution of higher education in Banat in the last century.

"It is an important step that you took when you came to the Polytechnic, it is the most important university in this part of the country known abroad and with graduates from all over the world and we would be happy when you want to celebrate something, when you want to participate in a project of the university, of the city, of the region to have us with us or to help you to develop your career, to continue this process of continuous training, because, in what we will have next, the school it will never end, it continues until the end of life. Thank you, I wish you continued success and we are always with you, we look forward to seeing you whenever you need the Polytechnic, together with colleagues from CeL, together with the university management, we gladly participate in all your projects. Success!" - He sent them Assoc. dr. ing Florin Dragan graduates from the 2020 promotion

He then took the floor Bogdan Ciuclea, a graduate of the AC faculty of the 2019 class, who congratulated the new graduates and welcomed them among the "polytechnics". An active military officer since 2008, Bogdan told them about his experience during his student days, when each exam was a small "mission". He also told them how graduating from college helped him become more prepared, more confident.

 "Congratulations on being among those who can proudly say that they were or are students at Poli", He transmitted to the 2020 promotion.

Faculty of Automation and Computers - Computer Science Specialization - ID

Prof. Dr. Eng. Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar, academic manager and also a teacher of distance students took the floor congratulating the graduates for the work done in recent years.

"I'm glad to see you even if you're in the small squares, I feel just as close. I can tell you very seriously that we are very pleased to work with you! I congratulate you that you have arrived at this moment, that you have worked very seriously in conditions - this year even harder than the others and I am convinced that you will have something to tell your grandchildren, children, you will say - yes, I graduated during the pandemic. You overcame challenging moments and managed to graduate from college, a difficult specialization

The head of the IT promotion spoke from the graduates of the 2020 promotion -  Purcari Petru Ciprian

"I feel honored because my experience with this faculty was a real life experience, from which I learned a lot. Even though the form of distance learning does not always offer the same feeling that a full-time student feels, I can tell you that there have been countless times when I have been side by side with them, when we were all locked in the faculty library. with the days and nights in the reading room. In these 3 years I had the chance to meet very trained teachers, dedicated to the profession, which I also had the good fortune to meet some wonderful colleagues, with whom I made very close friends, who are convinced that they will last even a lifetime.

Faculty of Electronics Telecommunications and Information Technologies - Specialization Telecommunications Technologies and Systems - ID

Prof. univ. Dr. Radu Vasiu the academic responsible for the specialization of TST and teacher of distance students spoke, highlighting the challenges that the student brings to the form ID / IFR

"I am glad that we are together, even in this virtual form, at a meeting of the soul that we propose every year. What is very clear is that for you it has meant a lot more effort than for those of today. Because you were put in the situation where in parallel you had a career that you had to secure, you had a family many times that you had to continue. Some of you have had children and this is no small thing. All the more it meant that you had ambition and that you know what you want in life. And this is a very important thing, to know what your goals are and to pursue them

And prof. Dr.Ing. Florin Alexa - the dean of the faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies and a teacher of distance students praised the students' effort to finish a faculty at ID.

"I'm glad to be here with you. I know it's harder for you, doing 4 years, means some restrictions that you impose on yourself. Come to school on Saturday and Sunday. During the week, probably after you come home from work you have to get your hands on learning and I also think that the effort you put in is commendable!

Head of the year at TST Marius Cornea he spoke to the graduates

"It is an honor for us that we are UPT graduates, right now in the centenary year. They were 4 hard years, learning at night, on trains, some on planes, over long distances. It was harder, easier exams. I want to thank my colleagues, with whom we formed a very nice group, we helped each other a lot. All's well that ends well”.

Faculty of Communication Sciences - specialization Communication and Public Relations ID

Prof. univ. Dr.. Daniel Dejica-Cartis, the FSC dean and teacher of ID students thanked the students for choosing to become ID students

"For my part, I'm glad to be here, in front of a virtual amphitheater full of smiles. I'm sure you all radiate on this special day. It is a special moment, with a strong emotional charge. It is a time when we look to the future and at the same time, we cannot but look to the past - respectively the last 3 years. (…) Last but not least, the faculty has developed with your help - of students and graduates. You made the right choice, you came here, you trained. You have passed on the acquired knowledge and put it into practice in prestigious companies and companies in the field

Conf. Dr. Mugur Dragomir  - the academic head for the Communication and Public Relations ID specialization then took the floor

"We are here to congratulate our graduates, to wish them much success in life, in the profession, to enjoy them with them.

New Year's Eve from CRP - Vintilă Eugen Cocea sent a message from the graduates

"It is an honor for me to speak to you today on behalf of my classmates. I present you a promotion like never before, because when I went on the road I knew that we would study at a distance, but no one thought that we would mark the end of the year a click away. And this unprecedented challenge has targeted both us students and you, our distinguished teachers. Today's festive moment proves that we have overcome it well and this is a memorable moment not only for us, as fresh graduates, but also for the idea of distance learning.

Faculty of Mechanics - Specialization Technology of machine constructions - IFR

Ș. Dr. Adrian Dume, the academic manager of TCM and teacher of IFR students took the floor live, from the park of the Faculty of Mechanics, the place where he guided for the first time the current graduates to the laboratory, 4 years ago

"I want to congratulate the students for finishing the 4 hard years. I am proud and happy that 90% among you will take the master's courses, which will prove that we at IFR also rise perhaps more than we do today. Congratulations to all, congratulations to your families for bearing the difficulties of your projects, all my emails, from the one, from the mechanics, congratulations to all!

Costin Paval, the head of promotion at the TCM specialization delivered an inspirational message on behalf of IFR graduates. 

"The title of head of promotion is an honor for me and comes as a recognition of the results obtained in the 4 years of college, but the truth is that, in his own way, each of my colleagues is a head of promotion. I always wanted in my life not to stop at certain limits and always try something new - something that determined me to follow this path. The team I found here I would not change for anything in the world - colleagues with a special vision of life, ambitious people with great plans, some calmer, others more agitated, some bohemians with a lot of free time, others responsible, with job. Everyone, people you learn from

Watch the event recording below:

Among those who sent congratulations and messages of praise to the graduates from a distance and low frequency were members of the CeL team, both the technical team and the administrative team.

To mark the moment of graduation, the recent graduates received a digital graduate certificate of the 2020 promotion, for each specialization.

At the end of the ceremony, the former students heard for the last time their name shouted in the formal setting of the university and had the opportunity to send a message to those in the virtual audience.