International Workshop Digital Transformation, edition 1 - Experiences in digital education

International Workshop Digital Transformation, edition 1 - Experiences in digital education

Thursday, June 16, 2022, 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm | HYBRID

E-Learning Center teams and Multimedia CenterThe Politehnica University of Timișoara, together with the project team Erasmus + MODE-IT organized on June 16 International workshop Digital transformation, edition 1 - Experiences in digital education / Digital transformation International Workshop, edition 1 - Experiences in digital education. The event was organized by The Politehnica University of Timișoara and the project team Erasmus + MODE-IT, with a theme this year Experiences in digital education.

The workshop was addressed to all students, professors from academia and pre-university, but also to the general public. Within it, there were also interactivity sessions directly with the participants.

The hybrid event took place in K1 Amphitheater, UPT Conference Center, B-dul Vasile Pârvan, Nr. 2 B, next to the UPT Central Library and was broadcast live, simultaneously on the Zoom and Facebook platforms, gathering over 300 participants

The first edition of this workshop started with the presentation of the curriculum developed within the project Erasmus + "Curricular modernization through the implementation of the MOOC model", as well as open digital certificates awarded upon completion. The event also included presentations from partners Erasmus + MODE-IT on the topic of the conference.

This year's edition focused on - experiences in digital education and addressed concepts such as digital skills, micro-accreditation and microcredit, MOOC-based courses, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, entrepreneurship and university innovation and included case studies on the impact that digital education has had on education, as well as on initiatives and projects that can shape the education of the future.  

Several initiatives of European universities and the digital education platform were presented, as well as their educational and innovation plans, including accelerating the digital training of polytechnic higher education institutions towards the sustainable adoption of several online and mixed approaches, developed within the project "ACADIGIA - Training for Educational Technologies in Technical Universities ”.

As points of great interest for the universities of the future and for the creation of a community based on the same values, but also on their support in the development of open and digital education, the initiatives in Romania for the integration of Blockchain in education were discussed. project “EBSI4RO: Connecting Romania through Blockchain”,  supported by the partnership with European Blockchain Infrastructure (EBSI).

In addition, various platforms have been introduced through which participants can access free online courses, openly at any level, including the platform. UniCampus, Iversity, MODE-IT courses, DigiCulture, EBSI4RO.

Erasmus + MODE-IT represents the Erasmus + project "Curricular modernization through the implementation of the MOOC model". Five MODE IT partners from Germany, Lithuania, Turkey, Portugal and Romania are working together to introduce innovative MOOC-based approaches to the design and delivery of higher education courses. In other words, MODE IT encourages the integration of open online pedagogies into formal courses and programs to make them more flexible and attractive to students.

The Executive Unit for the Financing of Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI) and the Polytechnic University of Timișoara (UPT) run in partnership the project “EBSI4RO: Connecting Romania through Blockchain”, within the action CEF-TC-2020-1: Blockchain. 

The project aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for accelerating digitization and facilitating the knowledge and adoption of Blockchain technology and European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) by citizens, businesses, institutions and government.

Watch the event recording below: