#impreunaonline webinar: A year of pandemic education - the students' experience

#impreunaonline webinar: A year of pandemic education - the students' experience

#onlinetogether #impreunaonline

In the last period of uncertainty due to COVID-19, in Romania, as in other countries, educational functions and activities face to face were moved in online, using applications, platforms and various tools and working methods for distance education.

In the Together online webinars we respond to these challenges, in the most practical way possible, in spirit open education and free access to knowledge. 

#29 edition of the webinar series Online Together brought to the center the students from the universities of Timisoara, who shared their own experiences related to the transition of online courses and laboratories, from the ways in which they managed to adapt to virtual classes and to the challenges they faced, with own perspectives on online education.

What was the students' experience during the last year of education in the pandemic?

How did they perceive the transposition of online education?

What were the main challenges encountered and what solutions do they propose for the next period?

Students from the faculties of Automation and Computers, Architecture, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Mechanics, Communication Sciences and from Faculty of Chemistry and Industrial Engineering have discussed the experiences of a year of education in the pandemic and exposed their own confessions regarding both the positive and negative experiences encountered online - experiences in the field of communication, architecture, to the field of experimental sciences and information technologies, mechanics or engineering, with answers to many curiosities of the participants.

The closing words of the students were: dedication, progress, connection, adaptation, efficiency, ambition and change.

Together online webinars are organized in collaboration with IEEE Romania, Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities, EDEN Association and The Politehnica University of Timișoara, every week with guests from other universities and schools in Romania.

View the event log below:


Alexandru Constantin Iliescu

Alexandru Constantin ILIESCU is a student at the Politehnica University of Timișoara, at the Faculty of Automatics and Computers. He is currently the student representative on the Board of Directors and the president of the Students' League of the Faculty of Automation and Computers (AC League).

Alexandru Luca

Alexandru Luca is the president of the Students' League from the Faculty of Automatics and Computers in Timișoara. He has a rich experience of volunteering, especially in the area of non-formal education projects. Starting with 2020, he is a youth worker accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and during his studies he was involved as a trainer in various projects initiated by the Values School organization.

Teacher Andra-Diana

Dascălu Andra-Diana is a third year student at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism and also a student representative of the students in the faculty council and in the University Senate, and president of the Association of Four, the representative association of students in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism.

Andrea Medrea

Andrea Medrea is a 4th year student at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, specializing in Telecommunications Technologies and Systems, within UPT. She is also President of the League of Students of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (LSFETc), through which she discovered her passion for student representation. He believes that working in an organization is an important factor in personal development. As he represents students at both college and university level, he likes to advocate for quality higher education.

Pavel - Mihai Nițuică

Pavel - Mihai Nițuică is a student in the second year, within the Faculty of Mechanics, of the master's degree program in Engineering of Polymer and Composite Materials Products, and in 2019 he obtained the title of engineer in the field of Industrial Engineering, completing his undergraduate studies following the program of studies Machine Construction Technology. Currently, Mihai is the Student Representative in the Senate Bureau, Chairman of the Commission for Student Problems of the same forum and "advisory" member of the League of Students of the Faculty of Mechanics in Timisoara, in the past going through almost all hierarchical levels within it. At the same time, Mihai is an expert student evaluator of the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS), member of the General Association of Romanian Engineers (AGIR), member of the University Association of Manufacturing Engineering (AUIF) and member of Timișoara 2021 - European Capital of Culture.

Rebecca Ioana Chincea

Rebecca Ioana Chincea is a student at the master's program in Business Communication at the Faculty of Communication Sciences UPT. For 4 years he has been representing students in several structures of the Polytechnic. In 2017, he founded the League of Students within the Faculty of Communication Sciences, being president for two terms. Currently, he is a student advisor at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, a senator student in the UPT Senate and a student representative in the Ethics Commission.

Flavius-Gabriel Wurfer

Flavius-Gabriel Wurfer Timișoara currently works as a System test engineer at Continental Automotive Timișoara and is a volunteer at the League of Chemistry Students in Timișoara where he organizes meetings, develops projects and promotes the image of the faculty, along with other members. Flavius-Gabriel is currently a student in the master's program - Products of fine organic synthesis, semi-synthesis and natural, Polytechnic University of Timisoara, Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering and has a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering also within the Faculty of Chemistry UPT Industrial and Environmental Engineering, graduating with a bachelor's degree with an average of 10. Flavius became a good speaker as a result of participating in numerous competitions such as "Youth Debate" and training in this direction - being a mentor "Beat Bullying" and former organizer of the table tennis and chess championships - and also head of promotion in high school. Moreover, he is an evaluator student within the Bologna Teacher's Gala project, his role being to evaluate the quality of teachers' teaching and he obtained the Eminent Student Diploma 2019 - a diploma received for the exceptional results in the 4 years of college.