EDEN NAP webinar: Critical thinking in education

EDEN NAP webinar: Critical thinking in education

The e-Learning Center invites you Wednesday, December 2, 6 p.m. (17:00 CET) the webinar EDEN NAP: Critical thinking in education.

The session will be an interactive one and includes a presentation of Prof. Antonella Poce and Dr. Maria Rosaria Re - which propose exploring the role of museums and digital storytelling in the development of critical thinking skills of students at the University of Rome.

Dr. Orla Feeney will then describe its critical thinking module in business DCUBS (Dublin City University Business School), which allows students to apply critical thinking skills in real life situations.


Antonella Poce, Associate Professor, University Roma TRE (IT), EDEN NAP Chair

Antonella Poce is an associate professor of Experimental Pedagogy in the Department of Education - University of Rome TRE, where she chairs the Center for Museum Education and postgraduate courses: annual museum education and advanced biennial studies in museum education. He coordinates national units within European projects and has led the international academic committees dealing with distance learning (EDEN PAN - Networks of Academics and Professionals). He is the author of various publications of national and international relevance on innovation, evaluation and use of technology in teaching and learning, in the context of the fruitful heritage.

Dr. Maria Rosaria Re, Researcher, Center for Museum Studies, University of Rome THREE

Dr. Maria Rosaria Re is a researcher at the Center for Museum Studies, University of Rome TRE (IT) and a member of EDEN. In 2020 he obtained a doctorate in experimental pedagogy. She was a temporary researcher, Department of Education - Università Roma TRE, carrying out research activities in online interactive teaching and learning, with specific reference to MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) in museum education. He has been cooperating with the Center for Museum Studies (University of Rome Tre) since 2013 and has participated in national and European research projects in the field of museum education, development of digital and transversal skills, promotion of critical thinking, new learning and assessment methodologies.

Dr. Orla Feeney, Assoc. in Accounting, Dublin City University Business School, Chartered Accountant

Dr. Orla Feeney is an expert accountant and associate professor. in accounting at Dublin City University Business School. She teaches predominantly in the fields of management accounting and research methodology. His research interests include the role of the business accountant, the impact of digital technology on accounting and the theory of strong structuring. His papers have been published in journals that include Accounting, Audit and Accountability Journal and Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management.