1. Information

Leonardo da Vinci II project: Measure to Improve (METOIM), Agreement no. 2004 - I / 04 / B / F / PP-154047

Director: Prof.dr.eng. Radu VASIU
Value: 51,476 EURO
Period: 2004-2006

Assoc.lect.eng. Diana ANDONE
Assoc.lect.eng. Daniel HAIDUC
Assist.eng. Marian BUCOS
Assist.eng. Mihai ONITA
Eng. Marius CONDREA
Lucia RAZMERITA, journalist
Cristian TECU, PhD student

IAL Tuscany, IT
BFI Steiermark Graz, AT
M2A Technologies, FR
Macedonian Institute of Employment (MAKINE), GR
OFA Kht., HU

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The project's main objectives are:

  • to sensitize managers and responsible working in Labor Social Association or Syndicates to improve the quality of, and access to, continuing vocational training and the Lifelong acquisition of skills and competences
  • to arise awareness on workers about the importance of vocational activities, but also informal initiatives (ie for instance the participation to the so-called “Study Sessions” promoted by small groups of people to enhance their knowledge on a particular topic, participate to Counseling sessions ”whereby testing their competencies and their known / unknown needs)
  • to implement an innovative ICT tool which can be transferred to different contests, such as the entrepreneurial one, to measure the communication and information needs / demands
  • to experiment the above said tool in a small representative group of “managers” and “workers” and / or “Labor representatives” and “workers”
  • to promote equal opportunities, expecially at the Social representative level in order to carry out projects to help women to better balance their family with working timetable