Opening the e-START pilot program

Opening the e-START pilot program

Tuesday, 18.10.2011, 16:00, hall A106, Electro building, Bd. Vasile Parvan no. 2 took place the opening of the pilot specialization program "Master in e-Activities".

The opening was attended by the 25 students admitted after the selection interview, UPT teachers involved in this program, the team of the University "Politehnica" from Timisoara for technical implementation of the program coordinated by Radu Vasiu, the project coordination team from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca through Assoc. Bogdan Orza.

ESTART project (“Multi-regional master's degree program in the field of eActivities”) has as general objective the creation of new learning and professionalization opportunities at master level in the field of eActivities, in accordance with the needs of the digital economy and the knowledge-based economy and achieved in a multi-regional partnership between 4 universities in Romania.
The specializations offered by this master's program, carried out on a part-time basis, have in view the development of a set of skills of a technological, economic and managerial nature, focused on the following directions:

  • e-Business (e-business, e-commerce, e-Business solution management)
  • e-Government (information technologies and administration in e-government)
  • e-Media (solutions for digital content management in education, culture, public information or social networks)
  • e-Health (information technologies and electronic health services).

Interuniversity cooperation at multiregional level:

The foundation of the master's degree program in e-Activities has in view a multi-regional approach, in which four universities bring together their efforts and complementary expertise in areas specific to e-Activities:

  • Internet technologies, multimedia systems, platforms for e-Activities, e-Media, digital content management, systems for e-Health (Coordinator: Technical University of Cluj-Napoca)
  • electronic services, Web 2.0 / 3.0 technologies, semantic web, digital innovations for the business environment, e-Government, digital media (“Politehnica” University of Timisoara)
  • project management, e-commerce, data modeling for management decisions, e-Government for business, online marketing ("Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca)
  • security of systems for e-Activities, standards for medical information systems, communication protocols (“Transylvania” University of Brașov).

Statements from the launch
The importance of the eSTART project was emphasized by the project coordinator Bogdan Orza: "Through this eSTART project we try to initiate and accredit in Romania a master's degree program in the field of eActivities, on a part-time basis that will also include new blended learning technologies."

The involvement of the “Politehnica” University of Timișoara in this project, presented by the local coordinator Radu Vasiu ”Comes from the older concern in the area of multimedia technologies, from the expertise in e-learning, from the development of interactive multimedia applications and from the development of specializations at bachelor and master level in the multimedia field. Following this experience and a need of the Romanian market, the idea of developing a multi-regional master's program in the field of eActivity appeared, as a unique program because it involves each university in the area of excellence it has. UPT is involved at several levels: it develops courses, participates in the development of the educational platform, implements the master's program in Timișoara. ”

Neluși Tănase, student in the eActivities program "I graduated from the Faculty of Automation and Computers and I wanted to accumulate as much information as possible in the multimedia field in order to find a better and much desired job."
Daniela Rotariu, student in the eActivities program “I have been working in Health for many years, with a qualification in Medical Informatics and I think that this study program is a very good opportunity, because today you have to have a very good knowledge and qualification base. I hope that when I graduate I will be better qualified, I will be able to be better prepared because the teachers are very good, they come from the best universities in the country according to the recent classifications. I am very happy that I was admitted to this study program. "

Images from the launch

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