Course Curricula - Creative Entrepreneurship training

Course Curricula - Creative Entrepreneurship training

Course Curricula

This short training course, by the Politehnica University of Timisoara in partnership with the Intercultural Institute of Timisoara is designed for people with interests in creative industries. The core of the program is business, management and communication know-how, entrepreneurship and digital skills for those who want to make a living within the wide definition of creative industries (Advertising and marketing, Architecture and landscapes, Crafts and other cultural heritage fields, Design: product, graphic and fashion design, Film, TV, video, radio and photography, IT, digital economy and gaming, Publishing and media, Museums, galleries and libraries, Music, performing and visual arts).

ES mode:

1. Creative Entrepreneurship - case studies

Participants will learn about good practices and examples of businesses from the arts and creative areas, from Romania and other European countries, in order to get a clear introduction into the topic.

2. Project management

This module will help participants gain basic competencies into the field of project cycle management, including project planning, project management and project evaluation, in order to be able to respond to the challenges and requirements of each phase of the cycle.

3. Starting a business

This module will introduce participants to notions regarding how to set up a business, will help them be aware of different business legislations and will give them the basic understanding of creating an efficient business plan. It will also address the issue of entrepreneurial skills and the key features and competencies of a successful creative entrepreneur.

4. Business management

In this module, participants will learn about important elements of financial management, about introductory notions of labor market and guidance and they will gain skills of people management and crowdsourcing techniques.

5. Communication

This module will offer participants communication skills in professional settings, will guide them into effective teamwork by understanding personality types and will help them with a better awareness of portfolio design and presentation.

6. Marketing of Arts

In this module, participants will learn about basic marketing notions and will gain theoretical and practical skills in digital marketing.

7. Digital skills

This module is all about IT skills relevant for creative areas, to develop participants' competencies in using social media, security and privacy issues, copyright and intellectual property rights.

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