4th meeting GirlsTech Nova Gorica, Slovenia: 29-30.5.2017

4th meeting GirlsTech Nova Gorica, Slovenia: 29-30.5.2017

4th GirlsTech meeting

29-5-2017 & 30-5-2017

Nova Gorica School Center, Intecompany training center (ITC), Slovenia



Monday, May 29, 2017

Presentation of the school and the education system in Slovenia: Egon Pipan, director of the School

"Girls' Day", Technical Days: Martina Jejčič

Mahle Letrika doo Activities / objectives of gender diversity in the company: Tanja Krapež (human resources)

e-House: Lea Kosmač

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pilot in the Slovenian Armed Forces: Romana Begović, pilot

Women in ICT: Alja Isaković, Faculty of Informatics and Informatics

CodeCatz: Erika Pogorelec, Cofound.it

Web camp: Mateja Verlič Brunčič, EqualEyes Solutions Ltd.


Participants from the Polytechnic University of Timișoara: Camelia Ciuclea, Mihaela Crisan-Vida

Notes and discussions


The tools were clearly explained during the meeting by the people involved in the management of each of the 6 selected approaches. Both tools would be useful in Romania, both related to target groups such as: children, young people. E-HOUSE is an experimental and educational center in Nova Gorica, meant to encourage children / young people to learn in a fun way, focused on subjects in the STEM area. The target group is children and young people. In order to implement the e-House in Romania, the following are needed: Human resources (enthusiastic tutors, supporters of unconventional learning, physical / material resources (space, tools, etc.) and adequate advertising in schools, companies.


The high participation in the labor market (35%) is due to the full absorption of graduates regardless of gender. STEM subjects, compulsory in curricula, as well as the presence of women (although under-represented) in all areas of the labor market answer the question of the high participation of women in the Slovenian labor market.

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