Clinical Employability - I2AGORA

Clinical Employability - I2AGORA

I2AGORA Employability Clinic main objective is to appraise and present the student - university - enterprise link based on a 3 × 3 dimensional approach - a “magic” cube of a Virtual Internship Programs.
The event is organized by “Politehnica” University of Timisoara as part of the i2AGORA EU LifeLongLearning project with direct contributions from Miskolc University, HU, EADTU - European Associations of Distance Teaching Universities, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, FI, Katholieke Universiteit, BE, Open Universiteit, NL, ECBS Budapest, HU, UBIT Timisoara and TehImpuls Association, Romania.

The morning session focus on best practices of virtual mobilities and internships and is dedicated to educators and students, but also to companies.
The afternoon session focus on universities - enterprise co-operation, virtual internships, virtual entrepreneurship and is dedicated to companies representatives and students.

A Certificate of Participation will be awarded.
You are welcomed to participate in both sessions! Radu Vasiu

Dr. Diana Andone


Clinical Employability
International Internship Now (I2AGORA)
25 May 2012
Timisoara, Romania

Venue / Loc:
“Politehnica” University of Timisoara (UPT)
Small Hall of the Senate, 1st floor
Pta Victoriei No 2
Timisoara, Romania

 I2AGORA Employability Clinic (for educators and students) 
 9:00 - 13:30 

9:00 Welcome - Prof. Radu Vasiu (UPT), Prof. Maria Kocsisné Baán (Miskolci Egyetem, HU), Tibor Dori (ECBS)
9:15 I2AGORA - objectives and actions - Prof. Maria Kocsisné Baán (Miskolci Egyetem, HU), Tibor Dori (ECBS)
9:40 Educational, pedagogical approach - Lauri Kurkela (Oulu University of Applied Sciences, FI) - details
10:00 ICT, Web 2.0 for supporting International Internship - Dr. Diana Andone (UPT) - details
10:20 Make it work! Enhancing international work placements through virtual mobility - Bas Bergervoet (KU Leuven, BE) - details
10:40 Virtual Internship - Discussions
11:00 Coffee Break
11:20 Mainstreaming and Multiplication of innovative projects - Darco Jansen (EADTU, EU) - details
11:40 eMentoring for starting a business - lect.dr. Laura Malita, Catalin Martin (Romanian Institute for Adult Education, Timisoara)
12:00 University - business cooperation: the different dimensions in virtual internships - Dr. Ansje Löhr (Open Universiteit, NL) - details
12:20 Best practices in career advisory activities for pre-university students - Camelia Mot
12:40 Frameworks for students' informal learning within IT specialists communities - Radu Ticiu (Timisoara Software Business Incubator)
13:00 Virtual Internship - Discussion
13:30 Lunch (Small Hall of the Senate)

 I2AGORA Employability Clinic (for companies and students) 
 14:15 - 17:00 

14:15 Welcome - Prof. Radu Vasiu (UPT), Prof. Maria Kocsisné Baán (Miskolci Egyetem, HU), Tibor Dori (ECBS, HU)
14:20 EU Co-operation in projects - I2AGORA - & ViCaDiS - Prof. Radu Vasiu (UPT)
14:40 Developing Virtual Entrepreneurship - Dr. Diana Andone (UPT) - details
15:00 TehImpuls & Innovative Clusters, West Development Agency (ADR) - Cristian Cistelecan, ADR Romania
15:20 Coffee Break
15:40 University - business cooperation: the virtual consultancy - Dr. Ansje Löhr (Open Universiteit, NL) - details
16:00 Closed loop cooperation with education and the use of formal and informal networks - Darco Jansen (EADTU, EU) - details
16:20 Discussion on University-enterprise co-operation - Prof. Radu Vasiu (UPT), Radu Ticiu (Timisoara Software Business Incubator)