Launch OpenVM Learning Hub

Launch OpenVM Learning Hub

The Open Virtual Mobility project team is happy to announce the launch of the educational platform within the project:

The project's mission is to create accessible opportunities to ensure a significant increase in virtual mobility in Europe, by supporting higher education institutions, teachers and students, in acquiring, assessing and recognizing virtual mobility (VM) skills, e.g. they will acquire the key competencies needed to successfully design, implement and participate in VM actions.

One of the main objectives of the project was to create a European VM learning center for the development, assessment and recognition of VM skills as a central point of reference. The platform was created by the UPT partner team, members of the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center.

Students, teachers and education enthusiasts can register on the platform and then enroll in the available courses.

A number of resources will be found on the platform, such as:

(1) VM skills - a semantic, easy-to-read description of virtual mobility skills devices, including alignment with existing competency frameworks in a predefined directory;

(2) VM assessment - various forms of digital (self) assessment, including digital evidence (eg: testimonials, digital assets, e-portfolios, thank you highlighting) applied as elements of open accreditations and supporting open evidence-based assessments.

(3) VM Accreditations - digital recognition of VM skills based on current forms of open accreditations, such as Open Badges and Blockcerts;

(4) VM content - user-generated content, open educational resources and other forms of open content to support learning about VM and the development of VM skills;

(5) VM activities - open learning activities, including learning through MOOCs, peer-to-peer activities, virtual / mixed collaborations;

(6) VM connections - identification of cooperation partners for VM activities supported by tools such as Matching Tool, including an algorithm and interface for learning group formation and suitability for group collaboration;

(7) VM data - data on learning pathways and learning outcomes captured by xAPI and fed into digital assessment, open accreditations and other learning recommendations.

Our presentation of the OpenVM Learning Hub and the courses in the resources section of Open Education Week has been approved and more information can be found here:

We are happy to participate in this global celebration of the Open Education Movement.