ID and IFR students participated in the Opening Ceremony of the 2020-2021 academic year - online

ID and IFR students participated in the Opening Ceremony of the 2020-2021 academic year - online

Virtual emotions, for students in distance and part-time courses who participated, Saturday, October 3 2020 la Opening ceremony of the ID / IFR academic year. The event took place online, being broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube of the e-Learning Center and brought together over 200 students, teachers, university management, deans and academic leaders from the 4 faculties, but also the team of the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center.

The ceremony was opened by the host of the event, Dr. Diana Andone, the director of the e-Learning Center, who welcomed the students and all participants. The opening of the year was then traditionally marked by the singing of the UPT anthem, in a special montage made for new students, illustrating the university campus, with the many buildings and facilities offered to students.

The director of the e-Learning Center - Dr. Diana Andone then prepared a special video material for the students, filmed from the Auditorium, the space where the Opening Ceremony of the academic year should have taken place.

The university management sent a message to the students through Assoc. dr. Liviu Ioan Cădariu-Brăiloiu- Vice-rector of UPT and teacher for some students from ID / IFR specializations.

"On behalf of the UPT management, the board of directors and the entire academic community, I would like to welcome first year students from ID / IFR specializations to our school. First of all, congratulations on your choice! It is an important moment in your life and you have the chance to be the first generation of the second century of the university's existence and this is because, on November 11, 2020, the university you are in will fulfill 100 years of existence", He told the new students. 

UPT 100

The event was all the more special in the context of the anniversary of 100 years of university education in Timișoara, Politehnica 100, the first 100 years of existence of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, also celebrating the coherent and innovative development of online education in the university.

About the History of the Polytechnic in the first 100 years of existence, the students then found out in a video material with the most important moments from the first century of the university's existence.

Faculty of Automation and Computers - Informatics - ID

Welcome to the students at Informatics - ID came from Prof. Dr. Eng. Marius Marc - the dean of the faculty of Automation and Computers.

"I want to congratulate you on the choice you have made - it is a wise choice, due to the fact that, usually in times of crisis, people and companies are looking to invest in values that are immutable - values that you cannot lose. . And I also say that you made a wise choice, because you chose to invest in your education - something you can't miss.", Began his message to students.

One of the promoters of distance education in UPT for more than two decades and, at the same time, teacher in Computer Science specialization - prof. univ. dr. eng. Lăcrămioara Stoicu-Tivadar congratulated the students for the choice and courage to come students to the Computer Science specialization.

"I wish you the coming years, the college years we spend together to enrich you, to have a special experience with us here!", She also passed this on to the new students.

The students then had the opportunity to meet the members of the CeL team, who each sent a welcome message to the students from ID and IFR.

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies - TST ID

University of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies was represented by dean Prof. Dr. Eng. Dan Lascu who spoke to the students about the path they are going to take in the TST specialization:

"You are the generation that comes closest to Western education. Do e-learning, distance learning. I am glad that you have chosen education and I would like to believe that the choice made for the Polytechnic University of Timișoara will give you satisfaction in the end", The dean of the ETCTI faculty wished them new students.

Also from the faculty ETCTI, the academic responsible for distance learning and promoter of this form of education from the beginning, prof. univ. Dr. Radu Vasiu spoke to students about the importance of distance learning in career reorientation. "One of the things we thought about over 20 years ago, when we weren't thinking about a crisis like the one we're going through at all, but we were thinking more about the people who work, who, for various reasons, can't to follow a traditional form of education and yet need either basic higher education or re-training to change the profession. Because, let's not forget, in these times, it is often necessary to change your specialization, to change your basic field in which you work.", Prof. Vasiu reminded the students.

The students then met those behind them UPT Virtual Campus - the ID / IFR education management platform, but also that of up-to-date education, in the current situation - in a video material in which the members of the technical team from the e-Learning Center sent them a message of welcome.

Faculty of Communication Sciences - CRP - ID

From the side Faculty of Communication Sciences he took the floor prof. univ. dr. Daniel Dejica-Carțiș, dean of the faculty and teacher in the CRP ID specialization:

"I look with hope, hope and enthusiasm at the opening of this new academic year and I am and am convinced that it will be as good as the academic year we have just ended, even if the times we live in make us meet now and probably in the period immediately next in an atypical scenario, but to which I think we have all managed to adapt. I would like to tell you that, in addition to the fact that today is a special day, marking the entry into a new stage of your training in order to become good specialists in communication and public relations, it is also a special day that marks the entry in a new century of our university's existence”Said prof. Univ. dr. Daniel Dejica-Carțiș students.

Academic responsible for distance learning from the specialization Communication and Public Relations and professor in the department, conf. Dr. Gabriel-Mugurel Dragomir then took the floor:

 "Here we live in interesting times, that's why we stand in front of screens to communicate and we find that humanity is filled with cars and technology, but people are forced to move less and less. The social fiber of man and the social fiber in each of us forces us to communicate more and more. That is why the need not only for a specialization but for an increased attention to communication, even if it is mediated by technology ", he explained to the audience.

Participants then watched video about digital education in the Polytechnic University, insured for over 20 years through the e-Learning Center, focusing on the core of UPT education - Virtual Campus, around which a true digital ecosystem has been built supported by a series of resources and support activities dedicated to both students and teachers.

Faculty of Mechanics - TCM - IFR

Academic responsible for specialization Machine Construction Technology, Faculty of Mechanics - IFR, etc. Dr. Eng. Adrian Dume congratulated the students for choosing the TCM specialization, within one of the oldest faculties in UPT.

"I hope, with my help, with the help of my colleagues to support you in your career, to get you all in the fourth year and you to put a brick in your career and to prove like your colleagues that it was beneficial to choose the Polytechnic University for your career. ”, he wished the students of mechanics with reduced frequency.

The opening ceremony of the ID / IFR academic year then came to an end, with the traditional chanting of "Gaudeamus”.

Watch the recording of the event below: