Admission 2020 for courses distance learning and part-time education at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara SEPTEMBER session

Etapă Perioadă
Candidate registration
01.08.2020- 12.09.2020
File competition
12.09.2020 (Saturday)
Contest results
14.09.2020, at 10.00
Confirmations Round I
14.09.2020, time 10.00 - 15.09.2020, time 16.00
Round II display
16.09.2020, at 10.00
Confirmations Round II
16.09.2020, 10.00 - 16.09.2020, 14.00
Round III display
16.09.2020, at 16.00
Confirmations Round III
16.09.2020, 16.00 - 18.00
The final results
16.09.2020, at 20.00

Seats put up for competition in the specializations with ID / IFR courses - September 2020 session *

Facultatea Denumirea specializării Locuri
Automation and Computers
Informatics - ID
Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies
Telecommunications technologies and systems - ID
Communication science
Communication and public relations - ID
Machine building technology - IFR

* The number of places allocated to specializations with ID / IFR courses may increase until September.

The registration for the admission contest for the academic year 2020-2021 is done online, personally by each candidate, using the dedicated Enroll application ( 

Read the registration instructions carefully, then prepare documents required for scanned registration in .jpg or .png format.

Time Estimated completion of data for online registration is 15-20 minutes.

Watch the video tutorial with online registration on the Enroll platform, step by step:

The fees associated with the entrance exam for undergraduate studies established by UPT are:

Tip taxă Valoare
Registration fee
100 lei
Confirmation fee
100 lei
Equivalence fee for completed studies
(it is charged only to the candidates declared admitted and
must be paid with the confirmation fee - partial equivalence)
150 lei

Admission fees (registration / confirmation) can be paid:

1. ONLINE, with the card, through the platform Enroll or

2. In the following account opened at UniCredit Bank *:

The Politehnica University of Timișoara
FISCAL Code: 4269282
IBAN account: RO20 BACX 0000 0030 1782 5060

The Polytechnic University of Timișoara, through the ID / IFR and e-Learning Center (CeL - former Distance Learning Center) organizes and conducts distance learning study programs for specializations:

The study programs are accredited by ARACIS and confer the same diploma as in the case of part-time education, the bachelor's degree in distance / part-time education (according to HG607 / 2014).

Tuition fees

Specializare Forma de studiu Taxa/an de studiu
Distance learning
3600 lei
Telecommunication Systems and Technologies
Distance learning
3600 lei
Communication and Public Relations
Distance learning
2550 lei
Machine Construction Technologies
Part-time education
3600 lei

The registration file, generated through the application Enroll, will contain the following elements:

  • Registration form which will be generated after completing all the required information in the Enroll platform. It will contain the personal data of the candidate, data on the preparation of the candidate, respectively the section and the fields in which he wants to register;
  • Copy of the baccalaureate diploma or equivalent diploma; for the candidates who passed the baccalaureate exam in the summer session of the 2019-2020 school year, the diploma certificate substitute issued by the educational institution is also accepted; 
  • copy of the transcript with the grades obtained during high school, prepared according to the legislation in force;
  • copy of the identity card of the candidate;
  • copy of the birth certificate;
  • copy of the medical certificate issued by the family doctor from which to result the medical aptitude for the fields to which the candidate belongs; candidates with chronic diseases will present medical certificates endorsed by the family doctor which will explicitly mention the degree of deficiencies, depending on their location, based on the diagnosis established by the specialist; failure to report these conditions entails the institutional consequences in force; medical certificates must NOT be endorsed by the doctors of the Student Polyclinic from Timișoara;
  • photo copy diploma type color;
  • copy of the proof of payment of the registration fee - in the account allocated for the collection of registration fees (the proof issued by the bank must contain the following text: "UPT admission fee, Faculty…, July / September 2020 session, for”. " (the name of the candidate will be mentioned), in case the payment was not made online; 
  • only if the candidate requests an exemption from the registration fee, it will attach a copy of the proving document: certificate issued by the educational institution attesting the situation of the parent / parents / legal supporters / candidate (the cases from art. 24, letters a), b) h) and i); death certificates of the parent (s) and certificate from the educational institution (cases from art. 24, letter c); parental death certificates (the case from art. 24, letter d); certificates from the orphanage (the case from art. 24, letter e); death certificate and the title issued according to Law no. 341/2004 (the case from art. 24, letter f); title issued according to Law no. 341/2004 (the case from art. 24, letter g); 
  • copy of the bachelor's degree or certificate of graduation and the transcript in the case of candidates already licensed or with a certificate of graduation;
  • copy of the student certificate and the partial transcript, in the case of candidates already students;


Candidates for the Faculty of Communication Sciences will also attach a copy of the certificate obtained after taking the language proficiency test (according to Art. 4) or a copy of one of the following documents (corresponding to the language of the study program involved):

  • Certificate / diploma for passing the exams with international recognition for the certification of language skills in a foreign language, according to the provisions of MEC, no. 5543/12 December 2019
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English CAE-Certificate in Advanced English;
  • FCE - First Certificate in English;
  • CPE - Certificate of Proficiency in English;
  • IELTS-International English Language Testing System;
  • TOEFL-Test of English as a Foreign Language;
  • DSP-Deutsches Sprachdiplom;
  • ÖSP- Österreichisches Sprachdiplom;
  • TEST DaF- stoves B, B;
  • High school diploma with teaching in French (only for candidates for the Faculty of Communication Sciences), German or English;
  • Certificate proving that they have studied French, English or German for at least 4 years of study during pre-university education (secondary and high school)

Important clarifications

In the procedure for verifying the competition dossier, the commission has the right to request clarifications from the candidate or information from the institutions issuing the documents. If it is found that the digital / scanned documents do not correspond to reality, the candidate will be removed from the competition.