#impreunaonline webinar: A year of education in the pandemic

#impreunaonline webinar: A year of education in the pandemic

#onlinetogether #impreunaonline

In these times of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, just like in other countries, face-to-face educational functions and activities are being moved online, using apps, platforms and various tools for distance education.

In the Online together webinars , we respond to these challenges, in the most practical way possible, in the spirit of open education and free access to knowledge. Participants received an Open Badge (Open digital certificate) - Online together.

On March 10, 2020 the authorities were announcing closure of all educational institutions in Romania, the day of March 11, 2020 thus marking the beginning of a challenging period in university and pre-university education in the country and in Timiș, both universities and schools being forced to close their doors, transfer courses online - some throughout the year, others alternating with hybrid education on different periods, depending on the restrictions imposed by the epidemiological situation.

The last year has meant for the actors from schools and universities the reorganization “on the fly” of the functioning, of the educational tools and resources, of the pedagogical techniques and, last but not least, of the interaction between teachers, students and colleagues.

How have the big universities in Timișoara adapted, but also the schools in Timișoara to the education of the last year?

What have been the biggest challenges and most valuable resources for undergraduate and pre-graduate education? 

How was the period of educational “social distancing” felt in the university and pre-university education in Timiș?

What are the prospects for education in schools and universities for the next period?

One year after the beginning of "social distancing" of education, within edition #24 of webinars Online Together - the rectors of the four big universities in Timișoara, together with the general school inspector from Timișoara spoke about the experiences of a year of education in the pandemic and answered questions in an interactive session moderated by the director of the UPT e-Learning Center, Dr. Eng. Diana Andone.

A edition with important content for current education, especially for the four major universities in Timisoara, with hundreds of participants in Zoom and thousands of views on Facebook and YouTube, where the event was broadcast live, with dozens of questions, including the most pressing for the period track, opinions and messages of thanks, and, we hope, information that will contribute to the smooth running of further education, either in hybrid mode, or online.

The main topics addressed were:

🔘 The interaction components that allowed classes to be held online

🔘Scenarios for examining and evaluating distance students, with a range of statistics to assess the quality of student learning

🔘Educational portfolio necessary for a quality learning process, with far-reaching resources such as digital library subscriptions and online course platforms for digital tools

🔘The development of alternative forms of distance and low-frequency education to facilitate online education

🔘Close connection with student leagues and community involvement

🔘Co-creation of online education models and educational resources - teachers alongside students and pupils

🔘The emotional and psychological impact brought by exclusive online education over such a long period

The biggest challenges this year, from the perspective of university rectors and the general school inspector from Timiș were:

  • Training of teachers in rural education
  • Lack of emotional support
  • Motivating students to reduce dropping out of school and maintaining interest in online classes
  • The unpredictability of what is to come

The words for the future spoken by the presenters were: trust, security, courage, responsibility, unity, communication and success.

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Online Together webinars are organized in collaboration with IEEE Romania, the EDEN Association and the Politehnica University of Timișoara, every week with guests from other universities and schools in Romania.