#Onlinetogether webinar: Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in a pandemic

#Onlinetogether webinar: Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship in a pandemic

#onlinetogether #impreunaonline

In these times of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, just like in other countries, face-to-face educational functions and activities are being moved online, using apps, platforms and various tools for distance education.

In the Online together webinars , we respond to these challenges, in the most practical way possible, in the spirit of open education and free access to knowledge. Participants received an Open Badge (Open digital certificate) - Online together.

How has the pandemic affected student entrepreneurship initiatives in Romania?

How can we support, develop and encourage entrepreneurship in this time of uncertainty?

What are the opportunities and how do we respond to the challenges?

Representatives of Student Entrepreneurial Societies and other similar entities aimed at developing entrepreneurship among students in Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Iasi, Galati, and Constanta presented the challenges encountered during the pandemic, as well as the projects and opportunities offered to students from all over the country, to enhance innovation and creativity and support young people's path to entrepreneurship, in a webinar dedicated to both students who want to pursue a path in entrepreneurship and mentors in the academic environment who want to support young people in innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

During the Together Online webinar, they discussed projects that support young people's entrepreneurship initiatives, but also the challenges faced during the pandemic, the differences that appeared in this period, and how these were managed online.

It was an interactive and dynamic session, the main goal being the exchange of good practices and solutions, each SAS representative presenting the projects and opportunities offered to students all over the country and sharing ideas to further support young people's path to entrepreneurship.

Courage - Empathy - Leadership - Communities - Optimism - Success
are the keywords that should not be missing from an Entrepreneurial Society.

Almost 200 participants watched with great interest in the presentations, both on the Zoom platform and on the LIVE transmission channels (Facebook and Youtube), asking numerous questions.

The webinar ended positively, and the presenters highlighted the possibility and opportunity to gather entrepreneurs, mentors, and young people from all over the country in this format - Online Together - when face-to-face meetings, in such a great number, would be harder to achieve.

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Online Together webinars are organized in collaboration with IEEE Romania, the EDEN Association and the Politehnica University of Timișoara, every week with guests from other universities and schools in Romania.

Watch the webinar recording below:


Liviu Cădariu-Brăiloiu

Liviu Cădariu-Brăiloiu has been Vice-Rector at the Politehnica University of Timișoara since 2016, having as main attribution the coordination of Scientific Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer activities. Since 2020, he has been in charge of the Management of resources and financial policies department. He also coordinates this year the FDI project "Strengthening the role of the Student Entrepreneurial Society in the development of entrepreneurial culture among the academic community of the Politehnica University of Timisoara". He is a member of the National Council for Statistics and Prognosis in Higher Education.

Lydia Alexa

Lidia Alexa is an experienced professional with over 18 years of practice in entrepreneurship and marketing in both the private and public sectors. She is a lecturer at the Department of Engineering and Management at the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University in Iași and Fulbright Alumni at the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Rochester, NY in the United States of America.

Costin Octavian Sorici

Mr. Costin Octavian Soriciis an expert in entrepreneurship, business consultant, author, speaker and trainer acknowledged at the international level. He holds a PhD in Economics And an MBA from CNAM Paris, being associate professor at „OVIDIUS” University of Constanta. He managed over 40 projects in the fields of education and human resources development, business development and regional development. Since 2018 he has been appointed as the Director of the Centre for Innovationand Technology Transfer within Ovidius University.He is member of AMCOR – Romanian Association of Business Consultants, RBL - Romanian Business LeadersandINOMAR Cluster andPresident of CREATIVE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Association and the Association for EntrepreneurshipEducation, organizations that he co-founded. He wrote books and over 100 articles on topics like: entrepreneurship and innovation , project management, EU funding, international business, etc.

Valentin Grecu

Lecturer Valentin Grecu is part of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Engineering of the "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, with training in engineering and management and international marketing. He is a certified trainer of the Kauffman Foundation for teaching entrepreneurship, since 2014. He received a grant from the University of Rochester, NY and along with colleagues from EduHub - SAS of Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu - contributes to the development of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. He organizes since 2016 the Innovation Labs program in Sibiu, coordinates the Sibiu Impact Makers program - for the development of social entrepreneurship, and teaches in the Entrepreneurs Laboratory. He is interested in sustainable development, entrepreneurship education, and operational management.

Alexandru Roja

Alexandru Roja is a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration where he teaches courses and seminars on strategic management, business ethics, strategic analysis, and entrepreneurship. Alex is the president of SAS UVT since 2017, a structure within which he organized entrepreneurial education activities for students developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the university. He has been an expert in European projects with a focus on entrepreneurial initiatives and a mentor in national incubation and acceleration programs.

Anca Ioana Nicolau

Anca Ioana Nicolau is a professor at the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering at the "Dunărea de Jos" University in Galaţi and Fulbright alumni of the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Rochester, N.Y., USA. She is the vice-president of the Association for Entrepreneurial Education and the organizer of the national competition of ideas and business plans "Entrepreneurial Port".

Constantinescu – Dobra Anca

Constantinescu – Dobra Anca is an associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Technical University of Cluj Napoca. She is a trainer in the field of entrepreneurship and coordinates the entrepreneurial activity within SAS UTCN. She has been involved in 20 national and international research and institutional projects as a project director (6) or team member. She specializes in streamlining marketing strategies for SMEs, market research especially for the IT, automotive, medical, sustainable development, and sustainable transport industries. He is a mentor in national incubation programs.

Cosmin Simion

Cosmin Simion has been part of the UPBizz Entrepreneurship Center Team for 4 years, and during all this time he has been involved in all the activities carried out by the center. Specializing in graphics and communication, Cosmin dealt specifically with these two aspects of the project, but also had an important contribution in developing the program, maintaining links with partners, and identifying development needs among UPB students, and transforming them into opportunities for studying.

Vlad Mihăescu

Vlad Mihaescu has a Ph.D. in educational and technological models of MOOCs and has more than 10 years’ experience as a trainer and teacher in areas like multimedia technologies, social media, e-tourism, e-learning, usability, programming, soft skills, and leadership. Author of over 25 scientific papers and book chapters published in international conferences and journals, Vlad is involved in several European research projects in the field of eLearning. He is also a lecturer for UPT. In 2020 he was elected as the new Chair of the EDEN Network of Academics and Professionals (NAP) Steering Committee. Vlad as the Chair of the EDEN NAP Steering Committee at the same time is ex officio a member of the EDEN Executive Committee. Vlad is involved in the activities of the Student Entrepreneurial Society from UPT.

Silviu Vert

Șl.dr.ing. Silviu Vert is a lecturer at the Department of Communications at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Information Technologies of the Politehnica University of Timișoara. He has experience in supporting applicative activities with students, in fields such as object-oriented programming (OOP), multimedia technologies, as well as other modern information technologies. He finished his Ph.D. in 2015, among his professional interests, including open data, augmented reality technologies, and smart cities. Silviu is involved in the activities of the Student Entrepreneurial Society from UPT.