The end of the exhibition "Iosefin Neighborhood and Valeria dr. Pintea - a novel in an exhibition" and of the events from the AUZUL series

The end of the exhibition "Iosefin Neighborhood and Valeria dr. Pintea - a novel in an exhibition" and of the events from the AUZUL series

- January 31, 2020 - Theresa Bastion of Banatul National Museum –

The end of the open exhibition "Iosefin and Valeria dr. Pintea - a novel in an exhibition" took place on Friday, January 31st at the Theresa Bastion and gathered tens of visitors, cultural people, as well as project partners.

Tens of visitors had the opportunity to relive for the last time the stories of the Iosefin neighborhood, through the specific exhibits of the time, through the mobile applications, the augmented reality digital applications and through the stories from the Iosefin neighborhood, selected from the novel of Valeria dr. Pintea. Also during the exhibition, the guests were able to test for the last time mobile applications and augmented reality digital applications "Spotlight Timișoara", accessible on an interactive table and digital tablets.

The event was broadcasted live on the official project's Facebook page

Centered around the collected memories from the volume of the novel Valeriei dr. Pintea (author: Liana Maria Gomboșiu, Timișoara, Marineasa Publishing House, 2013), the exhibition was visited for almost 3 months by hundreds of Timișoara residents who have been able to relive the Iosefin neighborhood from another time. In addition to the ending of the museum exhibition, the end of the street exhibitions was also marked - the 16 significant landmarks in the Iosefin district, brought to life with the the help of augmented reality applications.

The story of the Iosefin neighborhood continues through the digital components of the project - the virtual / augmented reality applications and the web page Spotlight Heritage Timișoara.

We continue to invite the residents and visitors of Timișoara to tell us their stories, of those who lived or visited the Iosefin neighborhood, memories or events, moments that are part of the lived and unspoken heritage of people and communities, online.

"I thank the colleagues from the Museum and those from UPT for all their efforts. Over the next few years we will try to expand this type of collaboration. Because, as you know and we wish, Politehnica wants to get more and more into the social and cultural life of the city of Timisoara and not just into the technical and sports life ”,confessed Dr. Ing. Florin Drăgan, the elected rector of the Politehnica University of Timișoara.

"The stories of the Iosefin neighborhood will return in the summer, but you can go to visit the Iosefin neighborhood and tell us your stories through the website and mobile applications", explained Dr. Diana Andone, the initiator of the project " Spotlight Heritage Timișoara ".

The project The heritage under the spotlight Timișoara continues in 2020 through the events scheduled within of stories from the Elisabetin neighborhood (TACTILUL, 2020). The next exhibition within the project "The Elisabetin neighborhood and Netti Diel - a world in a chest”Will be launched in June 2020. This exhibition will continue the series of 3 components: digital, mobile and augmented reality applications, the exhibition at the National Museum of Banat and the street exhibition in the Elisabetin neighborhood. The announcement of the exhibition was also launched on Friday, January 31, by Marius Cornea, curator at the National Museum of Banat.

"In the great project Spotlight Heritage, which stretches over many years, an incursion into the world of the Elisabetin neighborhood follows, from an interesting perspective, the perspective of Netti Diel, the wife of Dr. Ludwig or Lajos Diel - a collaboration with Mrs. Pia Brânzeu - to discover that hidden world in a chest. It is Netti Diel's chest and, above all, a collection of historical textiles, from the Belle Époque period and the interwar period - all to illustrate, from the tactile sense perspective, the history of the Elisabetin neighborhood", explained Marius Cornea.

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara is produced by Politehnica University of Timișoara and The National Museum of Banat in partnership with Timișoara 2021 European Capital of Culture Association, a cultural project financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Identițy, Timișoara City Hall and Timiș County Council.