Spotlight Web Page Timisoara

Spotlight Web Page Timisoara

Spotlight Heritage reveals, by digital storytelling, Timisoara through stories of cultural and historical heritage, of technical development, of communities and neighborhoods, interwoven with the personal stories of the inhabitants of yesterday and today.

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Timișoara Spotlight website presents the emblematic points of the neighborhood Iosefin, users thus having the opportunity to view current and old pictures of buildings, 360 degree pictures of their interior and exterior.

Also, visitors will be able to read the history of the buildings, will be able to go through Valeria Pintea's memories about the respective building, will be able to read the stories of the different cohabiting communities and will be able to add their own story or memory about that place. 

The Spotlight Timisoara website contains:

The project is focused on the emblematic points of the Iosefin district - Lloyd palace, The National Museum of Banat, The Palace of Water, The Palace of the Southern Region Casino, The Orthodox Church in Al. Mocioni Square - first residence of Valeria Pintea, the second residence of Valeria Pintea (str. E Gojdu nr. 2), Hochstrasser Palace, The Roman Catholic Church, The Iosefin marketKandia Chocholate Factory, The Firehouse in Iosefin, The Iosefin Synagogue, North Railway Staytion Timisoara, The Iron bridge from Iosefin, Elisabeta Mill from Iosefin, Julius Arendt Confectionery, The Water Tower from Iosefin which are brought back to life through personal histories, such as those of Valeria Dr. Pintea, 1893 - 1984; of the Lloyd Palace, the building of the UPT Rectorate through the turbulent history of the building before the First World War, the inter-war one and the educational impact of today; of public works of art.

Spotlight Heritage Timisoara is a cultural project by Politehnica University of Timisoara and National Museum of Banat, in partnership with Timisoara 2021 European Capital of Culture Association; co-financed by Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Timisoara City Hall and Timis County