CeL team at Flight Festival - Tech World: AR glasses, VR, holograms, magic cubes, laboratories with sensory feedback and the latest high-tech gadgets

CeL team at Flight Festival - Tech World: AR glasses, VR, holograms, magic cubes, laboratories with sensory feedback and the latest high-tech gadgets

Educational and cultural applications experienced with the help of technologies augmented reality applications,, virtual and mixed, holograms, But and digital skills courses free and international projects of interest to the community - the stand of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara at the Flight Festival gathered thousands of participants who discovered the technologies of the future with the help of state-of-the-art equipment, made available during the exhibition Tech World, at Cioca Aerodrome.

The Polytechnic University of Timișoara, through the e-Learning Center and the Multimedia Center, participated, between August 27-29, in the exhibition Tech World organized at Cioca Aerodrome within Flight Festival 2021. The UPT stand attracted the interest of the fish a thousand participants, who had the opportunity to experiment for three days with the technologies of the future through the latest equipment provided by the CeL, CM teams, but also within the UPT Technical Museum. They had the opportunity to discover a series of courses and educational, cultural and web applications, but also mobile and augmented reality, virtual and mixed reality - developed within the national and international projects implemented by UPT.

"Walks" through Timisoara now and once through AR

Among the cultural projects that aroused interest among Tech World participants was Spotlight Heritage Timișoara / Spotlight Heritage Timișoara . Flight Festival participants had the opportunity to discover the project's website, with the stories of the three historic districts of Timisoara, through an interactive display and, at the same time, virtually "walked" through Timisoara now and in the past with mobile and reality applications augmented Spotlight Heritage Timișoara, made available on interactive tablets and mobile phones at the UPT stand.

Free courses in support of the creative industries

Another project of great interest presented by the UPT teams was Digital Culture - Improving digital skills and improving the social inclusion of adults in the creative industries - participants showing great interest in those 13 digital skills courses in the creative industries developed within the Erasmus + project coordinated by UPT.

Holograms, virtual tours, AR glasses and an educational magic cube

The participants also discovered the project UPT Technical Museum which presents the history of science and technology from the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and the region. UPT teams demonstrated the UPT Museum's interactive virtual apps and tours with Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality glasses and showcased children's educational apps made with Merge Cube glasses and magic cube. Participants were also able to experience mixed reality technology that allows them to interact with holograms around them through Microsoft HoloLens 2 glasses.

Laboratories with sensory feedback for students

Also at the UPT stand, those interested could find out about the project AugmentedWearEdu  in which UPT is a partner and through which augmented reality applications are developed, virtual reality and with haptic (sensory) feedback, which allow students to participate in university laboratories, either remotely or in e-learning system - applications of whose utility may be all the more valuable in conditions of social distancing during the pandemic.

Invitation to the International Hackaton

Children, teenagers and young people who visited the Tech World exhibition were invited by UPT teams to participate in The hackaton organized within the EUDRES project, which will take place between September 23-24, being co-organized by UPT. Hackaton participants will work in international and interdisciplinary teams to come up with solutions on topics such as the circular economy and human contributions to Artificial Intelligence, but also well-being and active aging.

Projects with an impact for students and the European community

Also in the UPT stand, the participants were able to discover information about the international Erasmus + Mode-IT project - Curricular modernization by implementing model MOOCs, which encourages the integration of open online pedagogies into formal educational courses and programs to make them more flexible and attractive to students. Participants were able to learn about the open online training program that aims to enable higher education teachers to develop and deliver MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), as well as to integrate MOOCs into formal curricula.

Information was also presented about Erasmus + Community Enabled Open Training project on Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship - TraCCE, which adopts a transnational approach and from the perspective of multiple stakeholders, in order to create a higher education curriculum, as well as the development of a "train off trainers" toolkit of civic involvement, which will provide both project staff and the whole community civically involved, open access to a virtual learning environment, as well as two international workshops.