Building Together #4 - Leading Women and Their Impact on the Community

Shaping Together #4 - Leading Women and Their Impact on the Community

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Life and education in pandemic continue and after almost two years we have gained experience, provided numerous research and analysis, we reflected on the steps taken in 30 webinars Online Together. We know what we could have done better, we have ideas on how to do better, how to set education for the digital age, what we would like to learn from science and technology and now it is time to act. 

In this new series of webinars Together, our aim is to provide information, ideas, analyzes, challenge you to discussions and encourage you to build a future on how to make the necessary changes, move further and shape education and science for today and tomorrow.

In this new webinar in the series "Building Together"  Leading women in our community talked about the impact society has had on their work and achievements throughout their careers.

Through this webinar we managed to bring to the fore outstanding women from our community, who carry out activities of great impact in science, technology, industry, universities and civil society.

The event was attended by women leaders who made visible their unique professional perspectives, personal journey, combined with creation and resilience over the years, while making known the outstanding activities they carry out in the field of data science, industry, government , universities and civil society.

The session continued with the presentation of some digital tools for identifying and searching for information by the director of the e-Learning Center, UPT - Dr. Diana Andone.

The event aims to inspiring and educating people adhering to career leadership positions, while encouraging the next generation of young women and girls to pursue leadership careers, regardless of the field they aspire to.

Together we will respond to the challenges of building models and structures in education and science in collaboration with IEEE Romania, EDEN Europe Association, Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities and Politehnica University of Timisoara.

The webinar was broadcast live on the Zoom platform, Facebook and YouTube.

Watch the webinar recording below:


Carmen Grecea

Throughout her professional career, Carmen has had and still has various teaching activities, including: teaching, research and administration. His didactic activity focused on Topography, Theory of processing geodetic measurements, Geodesy in the specialization of Land Measurements and Cadastre - TCM, undergraduate cycle, Carmen being a course holder in these disciplines; Algorithms for the analysis of geodetic networks at the master program Cadastre and Real Estate Valuation - CEBI; Surveying in the English Civil Engineering degree program. Carmen is also a coordinator of specialized practice for students of the MTC specialization and leads diploma projects, dissertation works, being also a member of the license committee of the specialization Land Measurements and Cadastre (MTC) at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara (1996-present), chairman of the dissertation committee - Master's program, Cadastre and Real Estate Valuation (CEBI-UPT); member of the teaching commissions in UPT, UTCB, USAMV Buc., USAMV Cluj Napoca, UT Gh. Asachi from Iași; Univ. Oradea city; Bucharest Military Technical Academy, chairman of the CEBI-UPT master admission commission; dean of the year (year I), specialization in Land Measurements and Cadastre (MTC); responsible for the preparation of ARACIS documentation (accreditation and periodic evaluations of the MTC bachelor's degree program and the CEBI master's degree program); responsible for drawing up official reports for the MTC team (since 2000); member of the competition commission of the Faculty of Civil Engineering for didactic degrees (pre-university): also completed the second degree; president of the university board (academic council) - MTC specialization; manager of curricula at the level of bachelor's and master's programs and member of the Department and Faculty Council; it is part of academic, scientific and professional structures at national and international level.

Rodica Lighezan

Assoc. Dr. Rodica Lighezan is currently a Primary Care Physician, specializing in Clinical Laboratory and Director of the Timișoara Regional Blood Transfusion Center. Rodica Lighezan has been a university professor for 30 years. She confessed that she likes to teach, but also to interact with students. For 5 years he has joined a group of kind people from the Timișoara Regional Blood Transfusion Center, with whom he collects blood from donors to save the lives of patients admitted to the 16 hospitals in Timiș County. We need blood every day! said Assoc. Dr. Rodica Lighezan.

Irina Macsinga

Irina Macsinga is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara. During 2016-2020, she was Vice-Rector responsible for the Academic Strategy, respectively for the Internationalization of the university, and currently she is the Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology. She coordinated the writing team of the UNITA project in the European Universities Initiative call launched by the European Commission, a project that was selected in 2020. In the implementation of this project in which UVT is partner along with five other European universities, she coordinates on behalf of UVT the work package dedicated to project management and alliance coordination. She is the initiator of the Peer-to-Peer Tutoring program within UVT, addressed to first year students for an easier transition to academic life.

Isidora Radulov

A graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, specializing in Chemistry and Technology of Oxide Materials, class of 1995, she completed her in-depth studies at the same faculty in 1996. , in the disciplines of Plant Biochemistry and Environmental Chemistry. From 1998 to 2001 he was a university preparator in the discipline of Agrochemistry, and in 2001 he became an assistant professor in the discipline of Soil Chemistry and Non-Polluting Fertilizer Resources. In 2004 he obtained the title of Doctor of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences. From this year until 2007 he is Head of works in the disciplines of Agrochemistry, Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition. Since 2007 he has been a lecturer in the disciplines of Environmental Chemistry and Fertilizer Resources, and since 2017 he has been a university professor in the field of Environmental Engineering. He defended his habilitation thesis in 2020, from the same year becoming a doctoral supervisor within the Doctoral School of Plant and Animal Resources Engineering of USAMVB Timișoara. and to date he is vice-rector responsible for research - innovation and technology transfer. Coordinates the activity of the Research Institute for Biosafety and Bioengineering and the Project Management Unit within USAMVB Timisoara. He is a member of the Technical Committees: "Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other phytosanitary materials" and "Soil" of the National Standardization Body ASRO Author and co-author of numerous scientific papers indexed ISI and BDI, books, director and member international and national research, focuses its scientific research on the rational use of conventional and alternative fertilizer resources, the sustainable use of agricultural land and the identification and prevention of agricultural pollution.

Laila Onu

Laila Onu is one of the pioneers of social entrepreneurship in Romania, the one who founded and runs the Foundation for You for 27 years. Recognized as an international expert in the field of disability, president of national and international organizations, with extensive experience in organizational management, Laila is one of the actors who laid the foundations of the social services system for people with disabilities in Romania. In order to overcome the difficulties of a country without tradition and with strong prejudices against the integration of people with disabilities in society, Laila has developed partnerships with organizations from the European Union and the USA. The passion, the ability to understand the needs of this sector, the vision, the desire to change for the better the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in Romania have determined the success of the "For You" Foundation, through the mission and power of its leader. The model of excellence developed by the Pentru Voi Foundation has been appreciated by numerous domestic and international awards: Grand Prize at the Civil Society Gala, 2008, European Union Handinnov Award 2009, Zero Project Awardee 2017. Winner of the first edition of the EY - Entrepreneur of the Year competition, in the social section, in 2014, decorated by the President of Romania in 2000, with the National Order of Faithful Service, Laila Onu published articles in specialized magazines in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Sweden, USA.

Diana Nastase

With a professional background of almost 20 years, Diana Nãstase has experience in leadership, in strategic initiatives for human resources development and operational projects in Romania and abroad, as well as professional certifications as a Coach - "Solution Focused" methodology or in analysis and interpreting emotional intelligence. Today Diana Nastase is Human Resources Director in a multinational company with almost 4,000 employees. Diana says that she is passionate about people, that in a competitive business environment, which operates with the same systems, processes, materials, only people make a difference. Her style is pragmatic, but she believes that you can only do your job with your mind and heart together, and the profit remains the economic goal, but the value is given by a job well done with meaning and meaning. He has published articles and interviews in specialized magazines, collaborated holding seminars at the West University, Timişoara, as well as at the Emanuel University of Oradea. In 2020 he published "Iron and Velvet in the Shadows", Libris.

Diana Andone

Dr. Diana Andone (@ diando70) is the director of the eLearning Center of Politehnica University of Timișoara, with responsibilities in the planning and implementation of distance learning and the integration of the use of online educational technologies for all forms of education, through the UPT Virtual Campus - CVUPT . Dr. Andone is a lecturer in multimedia and web technologies, with an intense research activity at international level through various projects with European funding and multiple publications (with over 17 books, 80 scientific papers, 11 Best paper Awards). Passionate about the use of technologies in everyday life, Diana promotes the use of open resources OER and MOOCs, developing UniCampus - online courses in Romania. Dr. Andone is strongly involved in the activity of the scientific community through various management functions of international associations EDEN (Vice-president), IEEE Romania, IEEE CS TCLT, but also by supporting the activity of the regional community of start-up and innovation, cultural and social responsibility.