Faculties and specializations integrated in the Virtual Campus


Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

  • Urbanism and landscaping
  • New trends, materials and technologies in interior architecture


Faculty of Computer Science

  • Automotive Embedded Software
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Automated systems engineering
  • Computer systems applied in production and services
  • Health care information systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Information technology

Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering

  • Food control and approval
  • Engineering and environmental management in industry
  • Micro and nanomaterials

Faculty of Civil Engineering

  • Advanced design of steel and composite structures
  • Cadastre and real estate valuation
  • Sustainable development: energy audit and fire safety of buildings
  • Transport infrastructures
  • Sustainable rural engineering and rehabilitation
  • Optimizing the operation of sanitary engineering systems and environmental protection
  • Optimization and modernization of installation systems
  • Optimization of hydrotechnical systems
  • Rehabilitation of constructions
  • Structures for sustainable constructions under conditions of natural hazard and actions (Sustainable contructions under natural hazard and catastrophic events)

University of electronics and telecommunication

  • Biomedical electronics
  • Electronics of intelligent systems
  • Telecommunication network engineering
  • Communications networks engineering
  • Advanced techniques in electronics
  • Multimedia technologies

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electric Power

  • Management of electric power systems
  • Electrical engineering and power electronics
  • Renewable energies-Solar energies


Hunedoara Faculty of Engineering:

  • Engineering and management of sustainable development in the materials industry
  • Mechanical systems engineering and management
  • Advanced materials and technologies for the automotive industry
  • Advanced systems for industrial use of electricity
  • Computer techniques in electrical engineering

Faculty of Management in Production and Transport

  • Engineering and competitiveness management
  • Logistics systems management and management
  • Master in business administration

Faculty of Mechanics

  • Ergoinginerie in mechatronics
  • Hydrodynamics of machines and hydromechanical systems
  • Implants, prostheses and biomechanical evaluation
  • Quality engineering in mechatronics and robotics
  • Engineering of propulsion systems for vehicles
  • Labor relations engineering, health and safety at work
  • Integrated engineering
  • Advanced mechanical engineering
  • Quality management of technological processes
  • Advanced materials and technologies
  • Statistical methods and techniques in health and clinical research
  • Productive welding processes in protective gas environment
  • Modern railway systems
  • Integrated systems for agri-food manufacturing
  • Robotic systems with artificial intelligence
  • Advanced techniques in road transport
  • Computer aided design of the advanced mechanical system (CAD for advanced mechanical systems)

Faculty of Communication Sciences

  • Communication, public relations and digital media