Zoom Pro UPT managers and CVUPT administrators

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
ZOOM: Ana-Maria Branea, Diana Giurea
CVUPT: Ana-Maria Branea, Diana Giurea

Faculty of Computer Science:
ZOOM: Cristian Zimbru (AIA), Alin Anton (CTI)
CVUPT: Oana Chirila, Razvan Cioarga

Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
ZOOM: Radu Lazau
CVUPT: Daniel Hadaruga, Radu Lazau

Faculty of Civil Engineering
ZOOM: Mircea Visescu
CVUPT: Mircea Visescu, Calin Neagu

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies
ZOOM: Bogdan Vaida
CVUPT: Bogdan Vaida

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Electric Power
ZOOM: Attila Simo
CVUPT: Codruta Ancuti

Faculty of Engineering from Hunedoara
ZOOM: Cristian Abrudean
CVUPT: Cristian Abrudean

Faculty of Management in Production and Transport
ZOOM: Ilie Taucean, Larisa Ivascu
CVUPT: Larisa Ivascu

Faculty of Mechanics
ZOOM: Cristian Moldovan
CVUPT: Adrian Dume

Faculty of Communication Sciences + Teaching Staff Training Department
ZOOM: Carmen Galdea
CVUPT: Carmen Galdea