July 12, 2016

FDI Institutional Development Fund Project 2016, D2: Internationalization of technical education in Timisoara through open online courses - UniCampus FDI, Project No. CNFIS-FDI-2016-0110

Director: Lia Dolga
Budget: 175,000 RON
Period: June 26 - December 15, 2016


July 12, 2016


Strengthening the recognition of the Polytechnic University of Timișoara at international level, of the power of support and penetration in the economic, social and educational life of quality, academic education, by promoting free access to knowledge.


• International penetration of the UPT course offer by conducting online courses, open, free, accessible, from top fields of technical education in Timisoara in Romanian and English

• Offering online courses for participants from abroad and attracting them to enroll as students in various forms of education (bachelor, master, postgraduate, doctorate) including Erasmus + students

• Offering online courses for Romanian citizens domiciled abroad and attracting them to enroll in the specializations offered by UPT, possibly also to those offered as a double degree

The project offers students the chance to study top engineering disciplines online, in open and free mode and in English, responding to their need to have attractive, accessible, flexible learning tools in the use of time budget, which increase the competitiveness of the international market. work. The project aims to promote the model of open, online, free education type MOOC Massive Open Online Course in Romania.


1. Realization of a model of offer of online courses, open, free from top fields at international level

2.Training teachers in offering online courses

3. Supporting the UniCampus online educational project

4.Development of 2 online courses from top fields of UPT with open multimedia educational resources, in Romanian and English

5. International promotion of online courses through all media, press, print, online, social media, specialized publications

6. Conducting online courses in UniCampus

7. Sustainability plan for online courses opened through UniCampus

8. Management activity