Professors & Guests

Vinciane Gaillard

Vinciane Gaillard, Deputy Director for Research and Innovation at European University Association (EUA) RO: Vinciane Gaillard is Deputy Director for Research and Innovation at EUA. She is responsible for EUA's comprehensive approach to the transition to Open Science. In this capacity, Vinciane oversees the Association's work to help members make the transition to science [...]

Valentin Sorescu

Valentin-Petru Sorescu is a student at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara, specializing in Electronics and Telecommunications. He is interested in the development of technology and research in this field. During his studies, Sorescu Valentin acquired a deep understanding of the theoretical concepts and technologies used in this field, as well as practical skills in [...]

Valentin Nice

Dr. Eng. Valentin Niță, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania

Victor Holotescu

Ro: Victor Holotescu Victor Holotescu is a UPT doctoral student studying digital identity on decentralized networks. He has over 8 years of experience in software development. Among other things, its portfolio includes mobile applications such as TPark, AVPS, ArtEncounters applications, ArtTM, UPT Virtual Campus. She has won prizes in profile competitions and participated in Erasmus internships […]

Vlad Mihăescu

Ro: Vlad Mihăescu, President of EDEN NAP SC, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Polytechnic University of Timișoara, Romania Vlad Mihăescu has a PhD in educational and technological models MOOCs and has over 15 years experience as a trainer in fields such as be multimedia technologies, social media, e-tourism, e-learning, usability, programming, soft skills, […]


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The ID / IFR and e-Learning Center (CeL) was established in 1998, as an integral part of the Polytechnic University of Timişoara (UPT).
CeL organizes the specializations - Technologies and Systems of Telecommunications, Applied Informatics, Communication and Public Relations in distance education under license cycle and Technology of Machine Constructions in education with reduced frequency of license cycle.