Professors & Guests

Emilian Porumb

Emilian Porumb, Politehnica University Timișoara RO: Emilian Porumb graduated from the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Politehnica University of Timișoara and is currently part of the ID/IFR and digital education Department team. Although he has a background in communication and human interactions, Emilian has developed a passion for digital and 3D modeling, [...]

Eliana Maria Torre

 Dr. Eliana Maria Torre, PhD student, Università di Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

Elena Herelea

Elena Helerea is a PhD professor, full professor until 2017 and currently an associate professor at the Transilvania University of Brașov, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics. His professional career has had an upward trajectory: first as an engineering teacher at the Chemistry School Group in Făgăraş (1970-1976), […]

Edmundo Tovar

Edmundo Tovar is a professor of enterprise information technology at the Technical University of Madrid. His research interests include open education, e-learning, learning technologies, and accreditation bodies. Tovar received a PhD in computer engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He served as associate dean for Quality and Strategic Planning (2007–2012) and as executive director of the […]

Emma Whewell

Dr. Emma Whewell, Lecturer, University of Northampton, UK In: Emma Whewell first studied Sports Science and Physiology at the University of Leeds. She went on to study a PGCE in Physical Education at Durham University. After graduating Emma worked as a physical education teacher in Bradford and followed this Leeds as head of PE teaching […]

Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland

Ro: Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland is a professor in the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Ekaterina has been working with virtual educational worlds and immersive technologies since 2002, with over 100 publications in the field. She was involved in the development of educational virtual reality simulations […]


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The ID / IFR and e-Learning Center (CeL) was established in 1998, as an integral part of the Polytechnic University of Timişoara (UPT).
CeL organizes the specializations - Technologies and Systems of Telecommunications, Applied Informatics, Communication and Public Relations in distance education under license cycle and Technology of Machine Constructions in education with reduced frequency of license cycle.