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01 october 2010

E-REPORT project will contribute to set up a communitarian repertory of reference material with regard to the development of innovative methods and best practices in the field of e-learning system for VET (universities and vocational institutes). Particularly, the project is aimed at setting up the basis for the constitution of a transnational virtual study circle.

This demands a comprehensive and transnational approach that implies:

  • analyses of the educational and training needs in the field of e-learning;
  •  international comparison of the quality and the quantity of the existing online courses provided by both universities and vocational institutes;
  • international comparison between contents, methods and services adopted in this field in order to standardize them;
  • the elaboration of a shared repertory of contents, methodologies, services and training tools;
  • the testing and validation of this repertory to a significant sample of the final users of the project’s output;
  • the promotion of processes of virtual mobility among european students and teachers/trainers;
  • the transnational communication and exchange between universities and vocational centres, public and private;
  • the ongoing valorisation and dissemination of the results during the project, involving the final users of the outputs