Demetrios Sampson

Demetrios Sampson

Demetrios Sampson has been engaged in teaching and research in the field of digital learning and learning technologies since 1996. He is the co-author of 350 articles in scientific books, journals and conferences, as well as the editor of 15 books, 35 special issues in academic journals and 40 of international conference papers, with over 6000 citations. He has received 10 times the Award for Best Work at International Conferences on Learning Technologies. He has been a Keynote / Guest Presenter / Lecturer at 90 international / national conferences and / or postgraduate programs. He has been director, principal investigator and / or research consultant in 70 research and innovation projects, with external funding of 16 million euros. He oversaw the honors and successful completion of 155 graduate students. He developed and delivers the first Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) on the use of educational data Analytics by school teachers (Analytics for the Classroom Teacher), offered by the edX platform (a global initiative led by Harvard and MIT), which has attracted more than 16,000 participants from 160 countries around the world since October 2016. He currently leads the University-Industry Consortium (Learn2Analyse) which promotes professional development in educational data literacy for online education and training professionals and higher education students. , co-financed by the European Commission (Erasmus + Knowledge Alliance Program). He is the recipient of the IEEE Computer Society Distinguished Service Award (July 2012) and was named a "Golden Core" member of the IEEE Computer Society in recognition of his contribution to learning technologies. He is also a recipient of the Award Nikola Tesla Golden Chain of the International Society of Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) for “Outstanding international achievements in the field of Engineering Pedagogy” (September 2018).



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The ID / IFR and e-Learning Center (CeL) was established in 1998, as an integral part of the Polytechnic University of Timişoara (UPT).
CeL organizes the specializations - Technologies and Systems of Telecommunications, Applied Informatics, Communication and Public Relations in distance education under license cycle and Technology of Machine Constructions in education with reduced frequency of license cycle.